How I Miss You

Its been a while since ive written a blog for a variety of reasons.One being that my aids ridden laptop seems to want to kick me in the balls when i eventually get round to using it for a purpose instead of talking to you people.So its decided to take a holiday to fucked farm and needs to be sent away.We wish him a speady recovery.Secondly my folks computer is slow as hell due to downloading to many creed songs,dirty pictures and filthy porn when i was 14 and no one has bothered to clear it out – 6 years on.I could i suppose but this would require effort and time and quite simply – i cant be arsed to.Thirdly i write my thoughts down very rarely – im easily amused by the tv and music and really have no patience when it comes to reading and writing.I get bored far to easily.That being said ive forced myself into the book “Lonely Planet” which is a sorta travellers companion.Trying to inspire myself you see.If i dont ill be serving coffees and talking shit for the rest of my life.Want something ace to talk about.Im getting bored of talking about cheesecake,slags and wrestling.Im just back from Glasgow with Sam as i was down visiting Lyndsey. Youll all be happy to know ive joined the “Take pictures of me looking like ive got a bird of prey up my arse and sand in my vagina” club.Which of coarse is reffering to all you my spacers that refuse to smile for a photo.Why dont you girls smile?Trust me – youd look ten times more appealing.We visited the Botanical Gardens and it was a beautifull day.Sam took some great photos.I had a good weekend. Thank you Lyndsey!Mwah x I purchased yet more dvds to add to the collection of ones ill never watch – why i keep doing this i do not know.Maybe in my head its a replacement for the money that i spent on weed.Keep me busy sort of thing.Food for thought.Im off to piss my night away.Smell you later.


About Darren Crocker

Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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