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FOR ALL THE COWS – Home Versus Home

As i stepped off the plane,back in the UK,i was eager to keep the adventure alive. Who needs a hotel for the night when you can take an over night bus to Nottingham and three connecting trains back to Aberdeen?.A hot air balloon and a fighter jet wouldn’t of seemed out of place on this journey. I could of done with either!I mean the camel i ordered didn’t show as well as the dragon i left tied up.
Two whole days constant travel was a small price to pay however to see the look on my parents faces. The look of sheer relief more than anything else will stick in my mind for a long time. I knew i was missed and loved but the extent was more than anything i could of imagined. I thought i was going to have to scrape my mother off the pavement and throw her in the boot. She was utterly speechless. As she stared at me in disbelief, I felt like a used car being searched for bumps and scratches. Once i had ticked all the boxes and been smothered to submission there was just enough time to send her to Glasgow(i had caught her twenty minutes before she was due to leave from the station). She truly missed me. She is exstatic to have me back.
My dad on the other hand was typical in his reaction, which i loved. I went to the restaurant and got one of the girls to call him,saying there was a leak in the bathroom. Ten minutes later he comes down with a handy man,calls me an arsehole and sits down to have a coffee with me. Nothing changes! But in all seriousness he was just as relieved and you can tell he was so pleased to have me home. I m glad i came home unannounced.
It has been great to be home.For how long? I do not know. I have a few on going plans in the pipe work but nothing set in stone. For now i am happy getting my feet on the ground and seeing where the next few weeks take me. I guess i feel comfortable living like this as this is what I’ve know for the past 15 months.
It has been a journey of self discovery,special moments,laughs and lessons learned (mostly the hard way) however i can honestly say i have not one regret. Leaving was the best decision of my life. I am thank full for the people that made this journey memorable and success full.

I wouldn’t change a thing. And i know in my heart and more importantly to me – my head – that this is only the beginning. Let the ball roll on. Catch me if you can.

As i stepped out of the train station into the mighty impressive ‘Union Square’ i was self aware that i felt like a tourist. As much as i tried to see my home town all i saw was ‘another city’ and it was refreshing to see my home through the eyes of somebody else.
As i walked up Union street,en route to surprising just about everyone i know,i took tentative steps taking in the sounds,my surroundings and the culture shock. It took me a good day to even tune in to the accent again, which seems like such a foreign thought. It felt great to be home. I have no issues. However i have crossed a line that can never be back stepped. And i know that i will leave again. Its only a matter of time.

So why am i home so early? Well there’s a simple answer to that. Zero cash. I pretty much spunked everything i had up against the wall in Thailand. But god i had a great time doing it.

I already had a flight booked home so i guess i said “fuck it – I’ll have a blast whilst i can”.Which i did! And blew a two month budget in three weeks. Oh dear. Never mind. Once again – no regrets.

Well………one regret. Trashing the front of a rented scooter wasn’t too clever. Being hammered whilst on that bike,again – wasn’t too clever. That pretty much ended my trip early. Lesson learned.But to be fair i had been ‘riding’ my luck the whole trip and it was about time i had a little bad. I came to believe that good and bad things come in batches,and if bad things start happening it’s time to cut your losses and leave. And i was right too. I made it home with just enough money. If i had stayed any longer i would of been charging for blow jobs and selling fake watches. So living off my instinct – seems to be my guide. I will continue to follow it.
I’ve made one rule since being back which is not talking about travelling, unless someone asks you. I have so much to say that i feel like it could be some form of torture. You know when you barely know someone and they end up spilling their life stories out on you,because they need someone to off load on? – ‘Yeh so when i was four i got raped by a school of fish,whilst swimming in Benidorm‘. Well i think there may be similarities between the two except at the end of my stories you will probably smile as opposed to throwing yourself in front of the next passing car.

So folks if you are keen to hear some tales – just ask. If not – let’s talk about football or some dick off the tele.
So as i mentioned earlier there are a few plans in the mixer. I found all the pieces of the jigsaw i was looking for. Now it’s just a matter of putting them all together. The screws have been tightened and the wheels changed,and i feel I’m ready for action. Will just have to make a few pit stops first.

So folks – for now – i am back. I will see most of you soon. For those i don’t? I hope to hear your tales of travels afar. Without intending to sound preachy, i still firmly believe in this statement :

“The world is a book,and those who do not travel – read only a page”