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My Top Ten Albums: 9

My Top Ten Favourite


Three points…

  • 1. This is my top ten so don’t expect to see anything from The Beatles, Bob Dylan or The Rolling Stones on it. With all due respect, I just don’t listen to a lot of older music. In fact, there is nothing on the list below 1996. So in short, this is my favourite albums of all time; Not VH1’s, NME’s or that drunk mess from your locals.
  • 2. There is no Foo Fighters on this list. They are my favourite band and would take up 5 of the 10 spots. Instead, I will do a top Foo Fighters album list in the future.
  • 3. I’m always up for recommendations! Send them over. I’m a new music whore but will dabble in the classics from time to time.




Trying to look cool with a keyboard? Just pose as camp as you can.

Sticking with the Scandinavian theme, Norway’s electronic duo ‘Rosksopp’ takes the number 9 spot.

You won’t hear me scream and shout about these guys often as they can go M.I.A  in a sea of rock music in my collection: Electronica has its time and place in my life. However their spot in my top ten is not unjust and this is a serious ‘go to’ album when I can’t deafen my ears any longer.

I first heard Royksopp on Top Of The Pops (Why can’t we have this show back on the air?) in 2003, giving a very cool performance of their single Eple in the back of a car; The girl ‘driving’ is a bit of a moody cow but at least she cracks a smile in the end. Nothing came of seeing the performance and I didn’t rush out to buy their music as I was purely a Nu-Metal kid back then. In fact it wasn’t until the release of Junior in 2009 that Royksopp finally pulled me in and it has been one of my most played albums ever since.

Junior is perfect evening chill out music and I have used it for that purpose many times. The album has a great flow until you get to Tricky Tricky half way through. It just feels out-of-place and it ruins my ambiance. I’m not a fan of it anyway. The opening beat grates on me as does the lyrics: Six is afraid of seven because seven eight nine? Whatever. I’ll be back in Five.

The guest vocals from Anneli Drecker and Karin Dreijer are mesmerizing and I never get bored with hearing either. Absolutely beautiful. Check out  Karen from Royksopps 2005 album The Understanding in What else is there?

And no, I don’t know what is pouring down her leg in the video. But if I was to hazard a guess?

Hair dye.

Yeah, Hair dye.

Favourite song –  This Must Be It.

Not for you? Try – Vision One.

A mention – The Girl And The Robot featuring Robyn: This turned out to be a pretty successful single for Royksopp and got some noticable mainstream attention over here. It’s infectious. The Video is a bit strange though; She strolls around a hotel room/penthouse texting and pandering for a Red Power Ranger on steroids. She then produces a pregnancy test that reads ‘negative’ and gives the camera a relieved/sultry look whilst falling back into bed.

No thanks Robyn. I don’t know why you are screwing robots but I’m certainly not going in after him.

I can live with the short hair but a rusty vagina is a step too far.