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FOR ALL THE COWS – Jack And The Magic Beans.

Well i would love this entry to be about moving on up and some adventures to tell but im afraid lifes not that kind. If i want more action im afraid i must partake in the action of making sandwiches and buring my arm on a hot toaster for the next few weeks. Jack didn’t get to trespass on a giants castle in the sky for nothing did he? He had to trade in his treasured and much loved cow in order to – well what he thought – was a good trade for some “magic” beans.

So i guess in my case, my precious cow Daisy, (not sure what the cow was called come to think of it.I presume daisy.I’e – Dog = rover. Cat = Whiskers. Rabbit = floppy. Amy winehouse = crackwhore etc etc………lets go for moo moo.) correction:Moo moo would be replaced by itchy feet and a real need to travel more. Im nowhere near ready to settle down and if only i – Jack Crocker was more carefull with his golden pennies and thought of moo moo constantly and focused on moo moo more often than i would be travelling that giants castle in the sky and not just going for a wee tour,nicking sachets of shampoo and staying up all fucking night to watch football. (DAMN THE TIME DIFFERENCE!)So it all boils down to getting my head down,saving money and getting on with it now.A familour story i know and since im not the best at saving it could be percieved as a fairytale. Crocker and the constant dilemma…………..stalk. I still like Brisbane. Im just dissapointed in myself that i let years of potential saving pass me by.So once again im going to be learning my lessons the hard way! Ain’t no golden harp to bail me out of this one. So the plan as it stands is as follows…….

Go to New Zealand: This is what i really want to do and its at the top of my prioroties. I want to throw myself of bridges,planes and over the bar for a good month.

Visit Frazer island and dive on the Barrier Reef: This is a 6 day trip which i can do from Brisbane. So i’ll most likey book this before New Zealand.

Visit Melbourne: After Frazer……….

Fly to Perth: This is just one of the options i can do after New Zealand. Thats pencilled in as Tazmania sounds appealing or i may even fly back to Brisbane. But i’ll leave thinking about that for another day. Either way im going to have to fly back to the mainland to get a job as i will be dirt poor again by this point.

Work untill christmas then piss off to some tropical island for a few days/weeks: Most likely Thailand as its dirt cheap and full of backpackers.

Go to Japan: I must see Japan whilst im at this side of the world.

Canada/States: I think a wee trip here is in line to cap off my travelling. Heading to New York sounds appealing. All depends if i have enough money. It can be done. Just about…..

Then i have the big one to think about. Will i fly home or go to Europe and work there? And what if Scotland get to the World cup??? That pretty much fucks up my plans.

So as of the 23rd of March that is my plan. Card subject to change of course.

Got so much other ideas but i have to really focus on what i want to see the most. Otherwise i’ll regret not going.
So people are finding it hard to understand me over here. If i was to order a pizza a guy would come to the door to read the gas meter. I thought i spoke quite clearly?? The problem is the tone and the speed iv’e gathered. I generally just get nods and smiles when iv’e had a drink in me as no one can be arsed working out what im saying. That being said i can’t understand a word drunk Irish people are saying. Its like talking to pissed up green teletubbies. So i can understand why Auzzie’s have trouble with my accent.
Im playing ametuer football now. Im really happy playing and i will really miss it when i eventually do leave Brisbane. I really can’t be arsed starting again,fresh in another city as im quite settled here now and have a few friends here now. But travelling is my focus,and its important i remember that.

So since iv’e been away nearly 5 months now i thought i’d do a “Ten facts about Crocker”. Just to give you an idea of my daily life here in Brisbane…..

1. I buy a bahamas Banana smoothie from Oasis juice bar twice a week after work. Banana,passion fruit and frozen yoghurt. Delicious.

2. I do washing on a Saturday. Its usually dry in about 4 to 5 seconds. Quicker than a rustler burger.

3. I football train on a Wednesday and play on the weekend.

4. I cuddle on the sofa with Deliliah the Jack Russel puppy. I officially love that dog. And i think she loves me. She spelt it out with dog biscuits.

5. At work i usually have Turkish toast for breakfast. One half with vegemite and avocado and the other with peanut butter. Part of a healthy nutritional breakfast. Its grrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeat!

6.When i ask for a wee coffee at work i get given a weak coffee. Again – language barrier.

7. Im in bed moost nights by 11 as i start at 6 or 7 Monday to Friday. The good thing being i save money.

8. I like to smoke on the sofa in the porch. But save this for after matchday now as the humidity and heat on top of smokers lungs will never get me through 90 minutes.

9. I like to dissapear to the internet cafe twice a week and catch up on wrestling and football. It keeps me happy.

10. I like to give sandwiches to homeless people.

Right folks. That’ll do for today. Take it easy.