Monthly Archives: May 2009


So folks it seems i’ve gotten myself into a bit of a dilemma. I said before i left i wouldn’t get tied down and committed. I said i’d think of number 1 for as long as im away. I said i woudn’t fall in love( Actually i didn’t say that.Other people seem to think i’ll get myself an Aussie,settle down and play happy families on Ramsey street.Iv’e got more chance of finding the cure for Emo’s than that at the moment) Well i have some news……..

I have fallen in love – with my football boots….Which are actually rugby boots. But thats beside the point. They we’re on sale.
Im now seriously thinking over my whole trip so i can come back after New Zealand and play the final 4 matches of the season.Possibly more if we make the play offs. I love everything about playing football. The road trips,the drinks, and especcailly the lads. I just can’t get my head around turning my back on the team half way through the season! I want to play and win so badly its un real. I actually feel physically sick thinking of leaving the club.Bit extreme i know but the butterflies are always there when thinking about “Soccer”. I have to call it soccer over here as they have about 14 different sports that are called football.All of them being a bit shit.I don’t know…..I just want to be a part of the trophy night and all that malarchy and at the moment, i think in the future it’d be something i’d regret.And do i really want that?.Is this mental? Seriously? I need opinions!

So for the first time ever in my self obsessed blog existance, im going to ask for the help of the friends that read this. It may be 5 repiles.It might be twenty but iv’e chopped and changed my mind so much i really need advice on this! So i’ll give three options for my future. A,B and C. If you could kindly pick one,leave a reply and tell me why you think it’s the best option. Cracking on….

A. – I fly to Perth after New Zealand and start a fresh in a new city. Save enough money over a 5 month period to come back to Brisbane for Christmas then onwards to Japan and The states.

B – I fly to Perth after New Zealand (flights are booked already by the way) to visit for a few days. The fly back to Brisbane,get a new job and a place and continue with the football,still working towards Japan and the States.

C – I do harvest work for three months to gain accsess to a second working visa and come back to Brisbane next year or the year after to play a whole season!

Bonus option D – I develop a gambling habit and a drug addiction,punch a refferee and drink every morning untill my parents bale me out,pay for a flight home and pop me beside the fire to dry out.

Anyways enough of that! On too something else.

I’d like to congratulate Holly for completing a whole year without shopping. Im very proud of your achivement and although i gave you shit about it, it was just because i was jealous i don’t have that drive and commitment! So high 5 from down under Miss Smith. You did superb. Love your blog. Keep it up!

So iv’e noticed a few more “Dude’s” and “Man’s” have slipped into my vocabulary since being away. Definatly talking alot slower and more clearly to. So i guess when i get back home everyone will think im a massive stoner again! Not quite. But you learn to slow it down when your surrounded by people that are quite methodical in the way they talk. Also noticed im nowhere near half a poser i was. I shaved my head for fucks sake! How does that work??? I used to love styling my hair and glaring in every car window or reflection walking through town. So i guess that means iv’e changed. Scary shit! Change was inevatible though. I definatly feel alot more confident in myself and feel i can achive anything if i put my mind to it. Fair enough jumping on a plane and pissing off for a while isn’t that challenging in the grand scheme of things but it took alot to do it and i really feel im reaping the benefits now.My mind is clear,im focused and im ready to have fun and live my life. I just hope that some of you come and join me one day! I really do miss certain people.

That’ll do it for today folks. Take it easy. Nae fighting. Behave. Later.