Monthly Archives: August 2009

New Found Power – A Round Up.

Its that time of the month again where i gather all of my random thoughts,bundle them up and lob them far away from my troubled brain. Of course this process is repeated over and over again in a constant battle of good and evil, between the half empty and the half full glass.

My head’s a shambles.There’s no doubt about that. Finding the right tools to tighten up the loose bolts and screws is a bit of a mission. However i am happy. And dare i say – the happiest i’ve ever been! I now feel motivated,confident and ready to take whatever comes my way head on. Staying positive? Pretty hard. Being negative?Well that’s a hundred times easier. To maintain a happy bunny (the bunny being me) ive realised one important thing. Remain positive and i will take one step forward.Being negative will only send me two steps back. Besides – cleaning out the happy bunnies hutch,need not be a chore. Do it with a smile on your face and a hop in your step and it’ll make light work,leaving you more time to deal with other things.

I now wonder why i spent so much energy on fighting constant dilemmas that really didn’t require or deserve that much thought. There’s a number of factors that could claim a part in the change of attitude. Living in Australia perhaps? Meeting great friends? Being on my own? Or perhaps it was that flyering job i did last week,handing out lollypops and condoms to the passing public or the amount of sugar i take in my coffee. It’s all relevant. And perhaps more important than i give credit for. It seems the little things do add up. Keep them in check,look after them and don’t let them run wild and you will be on course to a healthier look on life. If not a brighter one at least. The glass need not be half empty. Drink up.

So whats been happening recently? Well i officially ran out of money in New Zealand. Well not quite.I managed to get to Brisbane just about with a pocket full of change,a belly full of beer and a thousand funny stories. So i wasn’t to bothered that i hit the red.At least i had fun doing it.

I didn’t have the money to pay for a flight back to Brisbane from Perth like i intended so decided to jump off at Sydney and catch a flight to Brizzy from there. A stroke of luck later and i ended up hanging with a Terrance,Kyla and Sean that i met in China for a few days.Was great to see them again and a nice way to end the trip.

Since then its been all about job hunting! Realising i didn’t have the length for porn,the sperm for donation and the clean blood for research it was time to hit the bars and restaurants. I did make one promise to myself though…..No poaching eggs.For anyone.Ever.
So i start a new job at the Stock Exchange (a busy club smack bang in the city) on Wednesday.Iv’e been keeping busy though flyering for Tribal travel and selling internet software to poor emotionally black mailed people in shopping centres.A wee note on that……
How would you like to earn money while you sleep? What if you could buy back time? What if i said in only half an hour a day you could earn more money in a year than you could possibly imagine? If you are stupid or senile enough to believe these things then please sign my “lifestyle survey” and give me twenty grand to change your life through the power of online trading.
Yes folks – It is THAT shit.

Its money though and thats been something i haven’t had. Iv’e moved in with Josh (from the football team) and he has been kind or soft enough to let me stay rent free untill i get a wage. He’s a good lad. Iv’e been fortunate enough to have met great people over here. So Mitch.Take a bow. If it wasn’t for meeting you i would of never have played football and never have made the friends i have. Cheers mate!

The footballs going well.We went 14 games undefeated untill last week where we got beat at home by a very shit University of Queensland. Seriously. They was a bunch of potatoes as Reno(the manager) would say. We won 5-1 yesterday so we are still in with a shout of making the finals.I’ll keep you posted!

My old man is coming over in October to see me. Im pretty excited about it. Not been the easiest time for all the family so im thinking he will need this time with me. A few long big chats,the sun and a couple of punches to the head should do wonders for him. If theres anyone that needed some sense and guidance drilled into them its him. Looking forward to spending some chilled out time with him once we get done with the heavy stuff.

For the future? Well i have my heart set on Canada. But that all depends on cash. I’d also love to spend some more time in Asia. There’s a high chance of that since im over that neck of the woods anyway.

And for now? Well it’ll be save,save,save! And of course try and have as much fun as the bank will allow me as i go.

That’ll do it for now folks.

Take it easy and stay in touch – see you all soon!