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Iv’e been labeled “The angry Scotsman” on a few occasions by the Brisbane community since i’ve arrived. But i would say that makes me just another face in the crowd back home.I know countless people similar to myself who i wouldn’t say were “angry” Lets break it down. Am i? I wouldn’t say so. However i do and say things that give that impession. Heres the rundown…….

1. Football – I enjoy a tackle, a moan and highly competative. Australian verdict – Angry. My verdict – Scottish.

2. I cook for a living – The kitchen can be busy and i find it frustrating at times being the only wheel on the wagon. Australian verdict – Angry. My verdict – stressfull.

3. I rant – I like to break things down in my own way that my friends can relate too. Australian verdict – Angry. My verdict – misunderstood.

4. I have an accent – Which can come across as overpowering in a country that has a very laid back and approachable tone. Australian verdict – Scottish. My verdict – Scottish!

Of course not everyone thinks this way. And you can’t rub off in the right way on everyone. But iv’e definatly not made enemies since being away and certainly made good friends. So if that’s with being “The angry Scotsman” then my verdict……….. All good 🙂
So the plans i was talking about have pretty much went to plan. Im off to New Zealand for a month at the tail end of June after a 6 day to trip to the Barrier Reef and Frazer island.

(A note on that – A young backpacker sadly died in a 4×4 car crash in Frazer recently. Sad news. A clear reminder that accidents do and can happen.His parents must be devastated. If you would like to read thoughts on the incident you can at the following link )

After NZ i’ll be flying into Perth untill after christmas. Then if saving goes to plan it’ll be off to Tokyo then the states for me. Exciting times! I really can’t wait to get on the road again and experience all new things.

So whats new? Not alot folks! Im still playing football and absolutly loving it. Im still yet to get my first goal as a centre forward but to be honest iv’e only had the one chance on a plate and needless to say – I fucked it up. But my time will come. Im becoming a decent player and my fitness is reasonable aswell as my confidence. I want to make my old man proud by scoring my first goal. He was a goal machine back in the day before he went on his “things in buns” 3 year bender and age caught up on him. I looked up to him as a player and never missed a game. I see alot of things in my game that i saw in him and if i score my boots will be going straight back home for him to have as a momento. May sound mad but playing is truly important to me and i put my heart and soul into every minute.
Im definatly apart of the team and i will be gutted to not see the season through. Playing has been the highlight of my trip so far.
Work has gotten a bit brighter. Its not exciting in the slightest but i can do it with my eyes shut now and its really a nice little place to be in right bang in the city. I listen to my music all day and the hours fly by.

The living situation has its ups and downs. But its my first place since moving and i will take away some lessons with me.
In terms of being happy with being away and missing home,that changes constantly. To be perfectly blunt and honest my heads a mess at the moment. But the one thing iv’e learned it that time and space on my own will only be for the good of me. And i don’t intend to return home untill i know its the right time. In the words of Paul Weller – Im a changing man.
Thats not to say i don’t miss my friends and family. There’s no doubt about that.
Right folks that’ll do it again for a wee while.

An after thought –

I am fully aware that publishing these blogs for everyone to see is some sort of way for me to off load shit in my head to other people,so i don’t have to deal with it. So for that i apologise. However if you read them you probably know this already. And if you don’t? I don’t expect you too.

Take it easy for now and keep in touch.