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Discovery Wrestling Review: Portobello Town Hall: 31/7/15.

Disco Wrestling


Friday night in Portobello Town Hall, saw the return of Discovery Wrestling, an event more than two months in the making due to the cancellation of May’s scheduled show at Sighthill Campus. Fans disappointed not to seeĀ  Mexican Lucha legend Juventud Guerrera; and Ring Of Honor’s recently departed, Tomasz Ciampa, were rewarded by a main event appearance by Indie darling, Chris Hero; and Stevenson’s own Grado in what was an already stacked card. Unfortunately, Discovery Champion, Chris Sabin could not wrestle in what would have been his first title defense due to injury. More on that later…

The Event

The night kicked off with a technical showpiece between crowd favourite lewis Girvan and the debuting, Michael Chase. A series of submission manoevres, counters and mat grappling set the match off to a slow but impressive start. However, the pace soon picked up, as a couple of near pin falls and high risk top rope moves allowed for both men to showcase their abilities on another level. Girvan picked up the win in what was a solid opener.

The Wild Lions were up next in tag action between Scottish veteran, Kid Fite and a mystery partner. Fite was due to tag with ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson, a match scheduled for the ill-fated May event, but dropped out due to injury. The ever colourful and controversial, Davey Blaze prove to be a fitting partner for Fite in a match that saw it’s fair share of drama. Spilling to the outside quickly, the Wild Lions brawled with a the newly formed team of Fite and Blaze, slamming into doors, tables and even Discovery fans. The Lions eventually scrapped to what was a hard-fought victory over a very game, outrageous and dangerous, Blaze and Fite.

Alan Smith (Discovery Wrestling co-owner) came to ring to address the fans. Making a rare appearance, Smith thanked the fans for their loyalty and commitment, and to announce that Chris Sabin will be back to defend his title. However, Smith was soon interrupted by ex Gatecrasher, Dave Conrad, unhappy about not being booked to wrestle. A “you’re not scheduled” chant rang out, leaving Conrad embarrassed and incensed. Conrad then lay out a helpless Smith to the distaste of the Discovery audience. Will there be repercussions?

In what was probably the shock of the evening, another ex Gatecrasher, Christopher Saynt became the number one contender for Sabin’s Y Division title, seeing off the excellent Danny Boy Rodgers, a debuting BT Gunn and the ever intense Lionheart. Saynt spent much of the match cowering on the outside as Rodgers, Gunn and Lionheart battled it out in a terrific encounter. However, Saynt was around when it mattered the most and walked away with the win. Will Saynt be ready to challenge Sabin? This is yet to be seen…

In a huge rematch from Discovery’s first ever event in Meadowbank Sports Centre, Big Damo battled it out with Rampage Brown in a hard-hitting encounter. Rampage walked away with the win last year but was to fall to Damo; a man who has been on quite the roll as of late. A rubber match down the line for these two?

It had been pre-announced that Joe Hendy (Local Hero) would be bringing his hometown challenge to Portobello Town Hall. To the grimace of the Discovery fans, Hendry chose to “allow” his ever entertaining right hand man, Lou King Sharpe, to wrestle on his behalf. Who would take up the challenge? No other than crowd favourite, Grado who wrestled LKS to a highly entertaining match. Hendry picked up the win (technically speaking…) when Grado was counted out due to getting lost coming back to the ring, after chasing LKS who had stolen his car keys. I’ll leave it it that…

Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne picked up a controversial win over Viper, in a two on one handicap match. Sharpe and Jayne (sporting matching attire) struggled to overpower a confident viper but the numbers game soon caught up. The referee failed to see viper’s legs being held as Jayne pinned Viper for the one, two, three.

In the match of the night and the rightful main event, Joe Coffey defeated Chris Hero in a twenty-minute plus classic. Coffey was battered by a barrage of hard-hitting kicks, chops and elbows by the experienced and punishing Hero. However, Hero became a frustrated figure failing to break the spirit of a brave Coffey. Coffey eventually managed to muster enough to turn the tables on Hero, pinning him after a second hard Lariot. Technical as well as brawling at times, Hero and Coffey wrestled a classic that will have everyone talking. A foiled Hero looked to get the last laugh on an exhausted Coffey, coming back to the ring to what looked like an inevitable beat down. To the approval of the Discovery fans, Hero helped Coffey to his feet and thanked him for what was a grueling encounter.

The Discovery fans left happy in what was a night of high drama and fantastic wrestling at the highest standard.