Oh George

As my space deleted a good half an hour blog i had been writing with no warning i thought it would be a safe bet to write it up on bebo instead.This highly annoyed me as it was deep and heartfelt!Not really – it actually made no sense and boring.But hey – once again i fit write in with all you people!Ha.So im going to attempt to write it again.Problem is i cant really remember what i wrote.Was something along the lines of….Pauls birthday party was on monday night and during his speach he said “As far as friends go – i think ive got a pretty good bunch here”And i agree – as far as friends go ive got a fairly good bunch.Oh jesus – this is never going to be as heart felt as it was before!It was an epic.I know i didnt go into my mates – hmmmmm – im confused now.Yes it went something like this…I have recently noticed a recurring bad habit of mine (yes im on track now) where i leave shit lying about in my room all the time and to be honest ive tried every possible thing to try and break this habit.In a sense ive made my room idiot proof in that ive thrown out 70% of my belongings,black bagged most of my clothes and put storage places in places i didnt even know there was places!But yet i find myself picking the same empty bag,pair of socks,and change off my floor almost on a daily basis.My room is quite minimilistic through choice and everything has its place.But yet i seem to have the problem of cds lying out there boxes – when i have a whole unit for them.Clothes lying on the floor – when ive got a closet for them.And fag papers and tobbacco – when i have a perfectly good box for them.This problem has been irratating me of late because i go through my head a million times telling myself to put things where they belong in order to make my life a bit easier but still it happens.A prime example of this being when i moved out the flat i found 37 lighters kicking about my room.Every time id want to smoke a spliff id forget where i put my lighter so it was conveinent to go down to the shop and buy a new one.Also i found within the region of 100 to 150 quid all over the place in change.This fairly scared the shit out of me and the fact that i found that much in change was sort of like i was getting paid for having a bad habit.Wait a second – heres comes the science bit…At work if i make a mess it is my responsibility to clean up after myself – in which i have no problem with.I live at home with my folks and my mum (bless) has a problem with cleaning the damn house every second of the day.I mean ALL the time.I dont even make a mess!Hoovering at 7 in the morning folks?Still theres alot worse habits to have i suppose.So i think ive got it into my head that my rooms the only place that i can have my own freedom and space with no one on my back – therefore i let myself go a bit.I desperately want to shake this off though and if i bought a piggy bank and kept one refillable lighter i still dont think it would help my cause.And im not even joking.Its really bad.Im taking a couple of weeks off during the summer to watch the world cup so if anyone wants to join me in the pub everyday for a fortnight feel free to give me a shout.Ill also be playing a fair bit myself – not that im any good mind you.I try my best and i have the right ideas but i have the touch of an elephant and as much use as a buffet at a bullemic convention up front.My home is between the pegs – and thats where i plan to stay.Im a good keeper – i know that.A wee note – for all those girls out there who think they can get what they want based on looks alone deserve a kick in the vagina.Its the most pathetic,shallow thing ever.Try using your brain.Yehh everyone falls for a nice arse when there pissed – sure.Its human.But man – you need more than that to bag yourself a guy with a clue.Show yourselves a bit of respect and dignity and youll come shining through the otherside.Cheers folks.Take it easy x


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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