Walking After You

Well folks youll all be exstatic to hear that i can now officially ride a bike.Not very well but i can and after one attempt i was off on a one way ticket to a thorny,needle ridden bush.Took me a while to master a right turn and i was sick straight after but god did it feel good.I dont know if anyone else has picked up something recently they should of as a kid e.g swimming,smoking whatever but it felt very surreal and a good achievment for myself.Roll on potty training.Its been a weird one this week.Alot of drama in more ways than one.One of which being a late night brawl on the number 18 bus on saturday.Basically a bunch of tinks,boys and girls fighting it out over a sausage roll,fiat punto or something to that effect.Anyway it resulted in me having to phisically hold back a girl as she was getting her hair pulled out her head by some horrible looking she beast.As peeps tried to steal her bag and i tried to get aroused i couldnt help but think……………if we smashed out the windows,and got the driver to be the refferee could i win a mixed gender,over the top of the bus battle royal?Unfortunatley i will never know as by the time the action was just getting interesting the police pulled over the bus on george street,made some arrests and then we were on our way again.Very interesting if not fun way to end the evening.I seem to be lucky in that i avoid such confrontations,partly due to how old i look and that i can talk my way out of most things.Plus id get my face to play with really.Im not hard.Saying that i did used to get a bit mental after half a lager shandy when i was younger.But that was just typical loutish,teenage behaviour.It takes two lager shandy’s now ;)Take Care Folks.


About Darren Crocker

Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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