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New Zealand

Right o folks. Today,yesterday,tommorow and the day after has blessed me with plenty of free time, so i guess i better post an update on the where abouts, and a catch up on the general shambles iv’e been partaken in. Im in Queenstown at the moment winding down after a pretty messy couple of weeks in New Zealand. Would love to partake in some crazy shit – ie Bungee,rafting,dancing to lady gaga,but unfortunatly my budget won’t stretch that far. Infact if im honest i could of really if i hadn’t been blowing all my cash in the bar. Its to be expected though. It doesn’t feel normal partaking in general conversation sober. If you want to get past the standard “how long you been travelling for/where are you off to next?” jargen, you really need to have a beer in your hand.Otherwise you’ll just keep on spinning in a sea of generic idle,traveller chat.
That being said im going to try and not have a drink today.My body is actually rejecting me now.I feel it slowly withering into a sorry pool of cider,wine and beans on toast. Not alot of vegetables have been passing through the system, bar the odd chip staggering home.If my body was a town it would be full of sex pests,alcoholics and dirty peasant children.Dundee if you will…..
So the plan of attack is to work hard to get fit again on my return to Brisbane. ( Decided to skip Perth afterall and go back. Really is the best option for me.)Annerley have kept on winning so i don’t expect to walk into the team.
Before NZ i spent a few days on Frazer island and the Barrier Reef.One being good – the other being a bit shit. Frazer worried me slightly. As soon as you step foot on a bus you scan around for potential friends. Or like minded people that don’t mind a good session,a few laughs and a messy night on the dancefloor. There was a few Swiss,Asians,couple of English girls and a couple of older Auzzies. Really wasn’t expecting a ruckus and my heart sank a little. Fortunatly it turned out that the young Swiss we’re game for a laugh so i sooned pounced on them with my grubby Scottish beer mits and dragged them to the Off Liscence.A bottle of Whiskey,vodka and a good few beers later it turned out to be a good couple of days. Was quiet on the island (Winter).However that didn’t dampen our spirits.
The Barrier Reef on the other hand was a big pile of shit. It was advertised as a three day tour.Two of those taken up by driving. I jumped on the bus to be confronted by a group of Asians. No offence or racial harm intended but the fact is generally they don’t drink,don’t socialize,don’t partake in the activities and don’t in the slightest make an effort for the good of the group.And that’s exactly what happened.However I realise im probably not the most approachable of people to the naked eye.So i was kind of left stranded as a one man drinking army. I drank with the tour guide all three nights speaking shit about films,video games,threesomes and weed.Really worth the money i paid on this “18 to 30” package holiday?. I think not. The Reef itself was beautifull. But i could of really have done it alone. Lesson learnt.
New Zealand has been a great laugh for me. Iv’e laughed so much my ribs feel like they have been hammered by a led pipe. The first couple of nights spent in Auckland was with a random batch of guys all in the same boat as me. Bottle of red – down to the bar = happy times. I then jumped on the Kiwi experience bus.It was here i met some of my favourite people since being away from the Shire. After a heavy night of hazy drinking with a random bunch of like minded pissheads i ended up making really good friends. Anneka (Becky) and Claire (Kayleigh)from Crawley and Dave (John) from Essex became my family for a fortnight and we shared rooms,ate and did everything together. We gave everyone names from what we though they looked like.Mines was Dean.Not jock or Hamish suprizingly.
Had a shockingly good time with them and i miss them being around. But thats the way it goes on the road.People come and go. It’ll be interesting to see what faces i see again in years to come. Im definatly going to fly into London on the way back and stop by for a pint or two on the way back. Met too many great people down South.
So im on my own again,left to piece together new friends jigsaw puzzles. Im off to see Lucy (an old pal) on Monday for a ski and a catch up so im looking forward to that. Then its back to the reality of Brisbane where i will need to find a job pretty sharpish.Then……..who knows?! I have a plan.I’ll see how that pans out. So i will wrap up this blog with a few memories of the past few weeks.I’ll no doubt LOL,LMAO and ROFL just thinking about it……

The skydive in Taupo was truly awesome. One of the best things i’ve ever done. Would do it again in a heartbeat.If only i had one of Michael Jacksons gloves to sell on e-bay……

Losing the power of my legs a few nights ago in Queenstown.Could barely walk before i even left for the bar.Got woken up by the Canadian girl(who i kissed the night before) the next day when she was checking out, who apparently came looking for me.Spewing. Had no memory atall of any of the club,the burger i apparently begged to go for and the mess i was in.

General drinking games with the gang and how terribly shit me and a Dave was at them. Hilarious. This is where most laughs was had.

Drunken dancing at the bar. When you have so much different charachters these nights tend to make your trip. Especcially when your favourite anthem comes on. Mines being the proclaimers.

The beuaty of New Zealand. The scenery is breath taking and the air is clean. The people are good fun and the Country is great.

So with another week to go i hope to get some skiing under my belt and possibly a bungee.However both are pretty damn expensive. I haven’t been splashing the cash atall. Yet im still poor. Not a cheap place atall folks.
So i will love you and leave you. Keep in touch. I haven’t forgotten about home atall. I look forward to the day i see all my favourite people again. But for now i still can’t justify coming home when iv’e got so much still to see and do. You are more than welcome to come and join me though.Untill next time.
Take it easy.