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Blackridge Wrestling: In aid of Cancer Research


Nestled quietly in West Lothian, the small town of Blackridge sits snugly in between noisier neighbours in Glasgow and Edinburgh; both of which have seen a huge resurgence in local independent wrestling in recent years. Blackridge however, had never seen a wrestling event in their town. Local resident and wrestling fan, Martin McGreskin looked to change this by promoting an evening of quality local wrestling, with the promise of crowning the first ever King Of Blackridge, in an eight man elimination tournament.

Also advertised: a title defence by SSW Champion Kid Fite against PBW’s Dylan Angel.

With the Craig Inn Centre bathed in glorious sunshine and much of the proceeds going towards a worthy cause close to Martin’s heart, it didn’t take much persuasion for the town to turn up in force.

Their good faith was to be rewarded; This was one hell of a night. 

1st Quarter-Final Match in the inaugural King Of Blackridge Tournament:

Donnie T vs Lucha DS

The high-flying masked luchadore DS, may have expected to ride the momentum of energy around Craig Inn during the opening bout, but any attempted drive became stalled by an unimpressed looking Donnie T. The overly brash and confident DT seemed in no rush get the match started. When the two eventually did lock up, DS found himself grounded once more, overpowered by a much larger and stronger opponent. However, grounding LuchaDS is one thing; keeping him down is another. As the pace quickened, a suicide dive to the floor and a high Cross Body had Donnie T reeling. An impressive Springboard into an RKO resulted in a (very) near fall. DT hit back with a powerful spear, which almost sent him into the Semi-Final. But it was LuchaDS with a 619 and a top rope Swanton that sealed it in the end, progressing him to the next round.

2nd Quarter-Final Match

David The Beloved vs Wee Jay Smalls w Chantelle

If pace was missing during the early goings of the opening bout, there was plenty of it here. The tenacious Wee Jay Smalls quickly and expertly spilled the arrogant and vocal David The Beloved to the outside with a smart hurricanrana, after taking exception to DTB laying his hands on valet, Chantelle. There was no let up from Wee Jay until a wicked looking clothesline by DTB seemed to change the complexion of the match. Wee Jay (who showcased a tonne of heart) continued to trouble his larger opponent with speed and ring awareness. But, ultimately, David The Beloved proved that he is every bit as good as he said he was, spiking Wee Jay with a second rope DDT and an expertly applied German Suplex into a bridge for the three count. David The Beloved progressed to the second Semi-Final.


3rd Quarter-Final Match

Saqib Ali vs Brandon Adams

A familiar face to many, Brandon Adams was a dark horse going into this tournament: one half of the SSW Tag Team Champions looking to make a mark as a singles competitor. Saqib Ali on the other hand, didn’t come to Blackridge to make friends. A win for the canny ‘Sultan of Swing’ here though would go along way in making a mark of his own.

Despite initially avoiding the sharp kicks of Adams, Ali struggled gain a foothold on this match until a stiff Clothesline and a Standing Suplex gave Saqib the upper hand. In truth, these two athletes were evenly matched, as they jostled on the top rope in attempt to gain any advantage. A missed Super-kick by Adams into an Inside Cradle by Ali, almost snatched a three count. In the end, Adams was caught coming into the ring by a stiff kick to the middle rope by Ali. This brief window allowed for Ali to hit a brutal looking Curb Stomp for the 1,2,3, sending him through to the second semi-final.

4th Quarter-Final Match

Jonathan Richards vs Kaiden King

If Adams was a dark horse in this eight man tournament, Kaiden King was surely the odds on favourite. King was greeted to a hero’s welcome by the young crowd at ringside, and it was very clear that King had intentions of taking the title of ‘King of Blackridge’ home with him. Standing in his way was Jonathan Richards: a man that perhaps was overlooked as a viable contender for the title. Although Richards proclaimed before he match that he “couldn’t find Blackridge on Google Maps” he certainly found a foothold in this match, silencing the rowdy crowd by working tirelessly on the knee of King. Any comeback by King looked unlikely as Richards wrapped the knee not once, not twice, but three times around the steel ring post. A painful looking Half Boston Crab in the middle of the ring, applied on the already damaged knee of King had Kaiden on the verge of tapping out. But the sheer toughness and resolve of King somehow managed to find him to the bottom rope to break the count. The bottom rope would save King again, grabbing on to break the count after a Pedigree by Richards. A frustrated figure in Richards would bring a steel chair into the ring. With imminent danger present, King struggled out of a second Pedigree attempt and caught Richards with a lightening quick RKO, sending Kaiden King into the last semi-final match. But would Kaiden be 100%?

  • At Interval, Hot Dogs, drinks and raffle tickets were all on sale, in aid of Cancer Research UK. Martin is also collecting donations via a Just Giving page. If you would like to donate to Cancer Research UK, you can do so via the link here


1st Semi-Final Match:

David The Beloved vs LuchaDS

A pairing of contrasting styles awaited the fans in the first of the semi-final match ups. An over zealous David The Beloved looked to gain the upper hand straight from the bell, rushing LuchaDS. However, DS had this scouted, sending the egotistical DTB over the top rope to the floor and nailing him with a majestic Moonsault from the apron. DTB recovered well from the early setback, spiking DS with a hard shoulder tackle which had the Luchadore rocked. Much like Kaiden King earlier, LuchaDS showed great resolve and looked to have one foot in the final. DS climbed high to the top rope, looking to deliver a Swanton Bomb that would surely send DTB packing. But as DS came soaring down, DTB managed to raise his knees up just in time, and followed up with a devastating modified Enziguri for the three count. David The Beloved would go on to the final in a hard fought victory.

2nd Semi-Final Match:

Saqib Ali vs Kaiden King

Although Kaiden King was in the semi-final, he would have an uphill battle against a fresher looking Ali. Kaiden had been through a war with Jonathan Richards earlier in the evening and looked to be carrying a rib injury on top of his already damaged knee. And like a shark to blood, a crafty Saqib Ali would target these injuries after cowardly attacking Kaiden before the bell. It seemed only a matter of time until Ali knocked off the ever popular King. But suddenly, Ali found himself on the receiving end of an RKO putting him down for the three count! Kaiden King moved onto the final, showing great determination against ever stacking odds. Would this be his night?

SSW World Championship Match:

Kid Fite(c) vs Dylan Angel

Sometimes in wrestling, words can not describe the feeling surrounding a match nor do justice to what took place. This was an incredibly special match by two very technical, hard hitting and talented performers. The crafty veteran Kid Fite and his PBW prodigy, Dylan Angel left everything in the ring for the raucous Blackridge crowd. You could forgive the young fans for getting excited; not only was this for the SSW Title, Fite was on fine heinous form, letting the fans know exactly how he felt about them. As the young fans rushed the ring in protest of Fite and in support of Angel, the match itself looked like it may never get under way! When it did, the Blackridge crowd was in for a treat.

Chain wrestling dominated the early stages as both men vied for position. There was very little between the two as both looked for an opening. Angel looked the likelier to gain the advantage, climbing the top rope looking to come down hard on Fite with an Axe Handle. Fite had this covered though and met Angel with a swift kick to the abdomen followed by an agonizing looking kick to Angel’s lower back. Fite, ever the opportunist, proceeded to lay into Angel, landing a stiff looking uppercut and a high back elbow turning him inside out.

What was a vocal and energetic crowd, now fell silent as Fite brutally dissected Angel. The high-flying PBW star, for now was grounded. But perhaps with the SSW title in mind, he dug down deep, mustering an enziguri to the back of Fite’s head. A spirited contender, who looked like he had just enough of Kid Fites brutality, forcefully sent Fite to the outside with as hard a chop as you are ever likely to see or hear. This descended the SSW title match into an all out brawl. The referee could not control the two as they spilled out the fire exit into grounds behind them, followed by a horde of young Blackridge fans.

The battle continued around ringside as the two went blow for blow. When the action eventually made it back into the ring, the referee may have wished he had called for a disqualification: after some amazing near falls and as Angel went to the top rope one more time, the referee was pushed into the very same ropes by Fite causing Angel to lose his balance. This allowed for Kid Fite to hit his devastating Lock-back DDT for the victory in what was a fascinating and unforgettable match.

Winner and still SSW World Champion: Kid Fite.

Final Match in the King of Blackridge Tournament:

Kaiden King vs David The Beloved

And it all came down to this. Two men, fighting it out to be crowned the first ever King of Blackridge. David The Beloved: who powered his way through to the final against two terrific high flyers. Against Kaiden King: who showed real courage, knocking off two dangerous opponents when all seemed lost. As the night had descended into all out anarchy, David The Beloved and Kaiden King were not to be out-shined, taking the action to the outside from the get go. King sent DTB head first into the steel ring post, which seemed to allow for some rest bite for King to assess his previous injuries. But it seemed DTB may have been fishing for a chance to target the walking wounded as shortly after, King found himself laid out after being brutally whipped into the ring steps and beaten down by an enraged DTB.

As the action spilled back into the ring, the crown looked destined to be placed upon the head of The Beloved. A wicked DDT and a high kick to the temple all but sealing the victory. But if there was thing the Blackridge fans learned that evening, was to never count out Kaiden King. And once again, when all seemed lost, King somehow managed to hit an RKO on a stunned DTB picking up the victory.IMG_0302

Your winner, and the first ever King of Blackridge, Kaiden King.

After the match as King was celebrating, Kid Fite made a shocking reappearance, holding the SSW Title Belt high in the air. The message was loud and clear:

The King may have a crown for now, but the throne belongs to Kid Fite.

Martin’s Just Giving Page


SSW Review:“Rowdy” Roddy Piper Memorial Tournament

Just a stone’s throw away from The Regal Theatre in Bathgate, the Broxburn Bowling Club became the interim home for an afternoon of SSW action. In association with FOCC (Friends of Chernobyl’s Children West Lothian), eight men battled it out to be crowned the first ever winner of the “Rowdy” Roddy Piper memorial tournament. Although a victory in memory of the great man himself may have been incentive enough, a trophy fitting of “Hot Rod” himself sat ringside. To claim such an accolade? Not one; not two; but three matches in quick succession in what would prove to be a highly physical and competitive afternoon.

In the first quarter-final, the high flying Lucha DS, squared off with a unimpressed looking Prince Assad. Assad, who was distracted by the crowd at ringside, began the match by pacing the outside, much to the frustration of the masked DS. Eventually, the two would tie up with Assad getting the better of his opponent in the early stages, grounding the high flying luchadore with some painful looking leg locks and submissions. However, Lucha DS somehow found an opening and delivered a blunt looking kick to the head followed by a pinpoint super kick to a stunned Assad. Although Assad would prove his resolve by sticking with an energetic DS, he struggled to recover any momentum of his own and fell to a second rope Swanton, advancing DS to the semi-final.

The second quarter-final saw the intimidating, “The Man They Call ‘Butler'”go up against a much smaller, but game, Dylan Angel. Despite having the size advantage, Butler seized further leverage by jumping both the bell, and Angel from behind. Butler bagan systematically grounding and pounding Angel, until a flurry of venomous looking kicks rocked the big man. However, Butler would prove too strong for Angel delivering a devastating F5, moving him on to the second Semi-final.

In what could only be described as an upset, a cocky Jonathon Richards somehow managed to navigate himself into the semi’s, by side-stepping a familiar face in Dave.S.Jeremi. With the crowd firmly behind Jeremi, Richards found himself humiliated and on the losing end of a series of impromptu trials with young SSW hopefuls sitting at ringside. Although embarrassed in tests of strength; forward rolls; on the mic; and even by Nikki Jeremi herself, ultimately Richards would find a weakness (when the match eventually got under way) by breaking down the knee and leg of Dave.S. Jeremi and hastily exiting with the 1,2,3.

The Firestorm champion, Mikey Ratings squared off against the ever-colourful and agile, Brandon Adams in the last of the quarter-final match ups. In what was arguably match of the afternoon, a series of counters and close falls made it hard to predict a winner between the two. At one point, Ratings somehow countered a superkick attempt into a chokeslam leaving the crowd stunned as Adams dug deep to kick out. With the referee distracted, frustration would get the better of Ratings. An attempt to nail Adams with the Firestorm belt backfired, as Adam’s sent the belt back into the face of Ratings with an expertly timed superkick. As a result, Adam’s sent himself into the last remaining semi-final spot and Mikey Ratings packing.

In the first semi-final, a renewed Jonathon Richards put on quite a showing against the masked luchadaore, Lucha DS. A series of near falls peppered this back and forth match but, ultimately, a reverse DDT followed by a majestic top rope Swanton from DS would see off a dogged Richards.

In the second, Butler continued his dirty tricks, despite being superior in size and brute strength over his opponent, Brandon Adams. A relentless Butler struggled to keep down a tenacious Adams, even with some brutal looking throws and German suplexes delivered. In a moment of contraversy at the Broxburn Bowling Club and in perhaps in nod to the great Roddy Piper himself, Butler delivered a brazen low blow out of sight of the referee. This gave Butler a brief window to lock a spent Adams into a painful looking submission maneuver to the neck. Adams quickly tapped, but his efforts did not go unappreciated by the Broxburn crowd.

In the final match of the Roddy Piper Memorial Tournament, a rested Lucha DS looked to take advantage of a spent, but still dangerous Butler. However, early in the match, a disgruntled Prince Assad who had made his way to ringside, had other ideas, pulling the referee out when it seemed DS had the trophy in the bag. The attention of the whole locker room was drawn, as carnage broke out in the ring at Broxburn Bowling Club. This rendered the final a no contest and with no clear winner of the tournament, it was announced by SSW management that an over the top rope Battle Royal would commence to declare the winner. Adams and Mikey Ratings continued their earlier feud by eliminating each other. Jonathon Richards would continue to be embarrassed by SSW’s young trainees, who helped lower the top rope to assist Dave.S.Jeremi in eliminating Richards. Jeremi would soon follow as well as Assad and finally Dylan Angel, leaving the two men who started the final to begin with to battle it out. With Butler’s clear size advantage, the match, trophy and prestige of being the first ever winner of the tournament seemed there for the taking. But, the high flying DS would see off a charging Butler, side-stepping and sending him over the top rope for the victory.

Arguably the deserving winner in an action packed afternoon of wrestling in aid of FOCC (Friends of Chernobyl’s Children West Lothian), in the first ever Roddy Piper Memorial Tournament: Lucha DS!

LuchaDS - Copy