My Top Ten Albums: 7

My Top Ten Favourite


Three points…

  • 1. This is my top ten so don’t expect to see anything from The Beatles, Bob Dylan or The Rolling Stones on it. With all due respect, I just don’t listen to a lot of older music. In fact, there is nothing on the list below 1996. So in short, this is my favourite albums of all time; Not VH1’s, NME’s or that drunk mess from your locals.
  • 2. There is no Foo Fighters on this list. They are my favourite band and would take up 5 of the 10 spots. Instead, I will do a top Foo Fighters album list in the future.
  • 3. I’m always up for recommendations! Send them over. I’m a new music whore but will dabble in the classics from time to time.


The Used

(self titled)

Coming in at number seven is an album from a band I used to love that I now detest: The Used. Okay, so detest is a strong word but lets just say I’m not the biggest  fan anymore. In fact this has become a theme with a lot of bands from my youth. The likes of Funeral For a Friend, The Lost Prophets – who for the record I really can’t hack now – and My Chemical Romance amongst others, have fallen by the wayside over the years as my music taste has changed/those bands have gotten poor. Just a part of growing up I guess.

With that being said, The Used’s first is still a damn good album in my world and one in which I still listen to often.

In fact this was a tough spot to fill; I was tied between the following:

My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Lost Prophets – The Fake Sound Of Progress

Finch – What Is It To Burn (Who I still like by the way. I may even prefer ‘Say Hello to Sunshine’, their second album.)

All big albums from my shaggy haired, snakebite downing, Moshulu moshing, rollie smoking youth.

Which would you pick?


If memory serves me correctly, I think I first heard The Used on MTV2 (which was a great channel) late at night doing a live studio set; which is strange because I thought I would have heard ‘The Taste of Ink’ first –  The Used’s breakthrough single – or at least seen the video first.

But as it is, I have fond memories of the live set and on how I was hooked straight away.

I was soon to buy the album.

Once I had, it held a place in my five slot CD carry case for a long time, and ‘Used’ up a shit load of AA batteries.

See what I did there?

Yip, I’m keeping this one short as I don’t have that much to say…

I like Bert McCracken as a front man. His vocals are a huge part of the album as well as so many great songs with real passion. From start to finish the tracks feel raw, personal and honest: all factors that made me a fan to begin with. In my opinion, much of these elements that made the debut so great, has been lost since then. I guess it’s only natural to feel disappointed with following albums when you hold their first with such high regard. ‘In love and death’ (the second) had its moments but not enough to pull me back. Most of what they have produced since then has been a big let down for me which is sad. I have yet to hear the new album ‘vulnerable’ but I’m not holding out for anything special.

I lost my patience a long time ago.

Fond memories:  Making the journey down to Glasgow to see them, supported by yourcodenameis:milo (awesome band) at the Carling Academy.

Being absolutely hammered in New Zealand and enjoying a bit of  ‘Blue and Yellow’ (no hidden meaning. Honestly.)

Bert popping up on an episode of The Osbourne’s.

Favourite song –  Tough one but as just mentioned, I have a soft spot for ‘Blue and Yellow’.

Not for you? Try – Greener With the Scenery or A Box Full of Sharp Objects.

A mention – The Taste Of Ink. An absolute anthem.


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