My Top Ten Albums: 8

My Top Ten Favourite


Three points…

  • 1. This is my top ten so don’t expect to see anything from The Beatles, Bob Dylan or The Rolling Stones on it. With all due respect, I just don’t listen to a lot of older music. In fact, there is nothing on the list below 1996. So in short, this is my favourite albums of all time; Not VH1’s, NME’s or that drunk mess from your locals.
  • 2. There is no Foo Fighters on this list. They are my favourite band and would take up 5 of the 10 spots. Instead, I will do a top Foo Fighters album list in the future.
  • 3. I’m always up for recommendations! Send them over. I’m a new music whore but will dabble in the classics from time to time.



Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild

‘Camp Kill Yourself’

Do you remember the kids in school that got bullied for wearing Korn hoodies and braiding their hair? I wasn’t one of them; I got bullied for being fat. But just as ‘uncool’ in my school was to wear the merchandise of three popular Nu-metal icons of the early naughties: Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Korn. Sporting any of them guaranteed you to be cruelly ridiculed and labelled a ‘goth’ by the moronic dick heads that roamed our playground; that is until they were old enough to drop out and move onto shop lifting and casual racism. Everybody was mates after that.

Sadly in our school, at times it was easier to conform than to make a statement.

Then came along a phrase that swept the corridors and in turn popularized three letters.

‘Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass’

The Jackass craze was upon us.

The following Summer consisted of hurdling over Peoples hedges, partaking in stupid stunts – don’t throw a pool ball in the air and attempt to catch it in your mouth folks –  and stripping bullocks naked.

Within the origins of the show the fan-boys had discovered CKY; a band that had developed quite a fan base propelled by Jackass’s popularity (yes I know CKY came before) and suddenly t-shirts, hoodies, hats and badges were popping up everywhere. This is my earliest memory of the use of the following sentence:

“I heard them before you did!”

…Cool man… Ermm…Well done…

Suddenly it was acceptable  – not cool – but okay to wear the letters CKY. It was a part of the mainstream and nowhere near as obscure as those ‘goth’ kids. With the bullies all in jail or working in Iceland it was time to spread my wings a little.

So what do you get when the fat kid at school loses a bit of weight, tries to find an identity and discovers a new band?  ‘Sludge’ – aka Darren Crocker circa 2002.

I broke my wrist shortly after this photo was taken. I was pushed into a bus stop. True story.

And on with the post…

There is no two ways about it. You will either love or hate the band. They have a very distinctive sound (heavy use of synthesizers, crunching riffs, short songs) and if you don’t like one song, I could bet you wouldn’t like the rest.

I like all the CKY albums – and most of their songs since most of them follow the same format –  but ‘Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild’…well…I just fucking love!

I remember listening to IDR over and over again when I moved away from home for the first time. So much so that it’s a distinct memory of me from my previous flat mate (love you Wilson). As I do the same now whilst writing this, I still love the album every bit as much now as I did then.

My memories?

Playing Tony Hawks at Pauls.

Doing so much stupid shit I can’t even imagine what I was thinking.

Not being able to listen to this song for months as it was my ringtone/alarm for too long:

I have yet to see CKY live. They are on a very short list of bands I have still yet to see. When I do, I’m not expecting anything special. I’ve seen enough live videos to know that the infectious sound of their albums – no live synth player but that might have changed –  doesn’t carry very well on stage. But that’s not what it’s about for me. I just want to get messy and have as much fun as possible. Much like Blink 182 last year.

I don’t get to go to many gigs these days due to work commitments, being out the loop and with all my friends dotted around the world or just as busy as I am.

But I will be coming for CKY.

Even If I have to buy booze for the 16 year olds to get there…

Favourite song –  Attached At The Hip. What’s yours?

Not for you? Try – Another band. Although ‘Close Yet Far’ is worth a stab for a change of pace.

A mention – Quite Bitter Beings. This is the song most associated with the band due to the tie in with CKY the show. Also check out Carver City. The latest album is full of much of the same. What’s not to like?


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