Well its nearly midnight and im sitting in a huge internet cafe in X’ian with an ashtray,comfy chair and endless dodgy looks to keep me company. But hey…..the guy next to me is playing warcraft so he can save his scowl.
So whats been happening……
Well after sleeping off a heavy night after drinking with a couple of Irish lads i met i was awaken from my junkie scwaller by a German called Fabian (pronounced as in the popular icicle “fab” and a popular Eastenders charachter put together) who was chacking into my room at mid day. I jumped out of bed (making sure i didn’t have morning glory) and said hello to my room mate for the next month. He’s sound enough. Don’t think he’s too impressed with the rip off speakers i bought from a dodgy electrical store yesterday mind you. For eight quid though they more than do the job! Snazzy little black numbers too,with cool,blue neon lights. I can’t wait untill they blow up in my face.
I met the people i will be travelling with for the next few weeks. I was bricking it,but everyone else was in the same boat. I must say iv’e landed lucky in that everyone is very cool. We all get on. Couple of Welsh ‘Jack the lads’,couples,first time travellers and Jim from “Donny” who i can talk about football with for hours. Including the SPL.Think we will end up travelling Oz together.
Don’t think im getting on anyones tits as of yet which is an added bonus. I think they are pleased they are in the company with a stereo typical Scot who drinks constantly,eats ten red got chillies for a laugh and is up for maximum banter.Trying not to be to in your face though as i realise i potentially could be someones worst nightmare.Also there are a lot of big charachters in the group and you have to step aside and let everyone say their piece and feel comfortable. I am really pleased with the people iv’e landed with. They are all genuine and down to earth.
So i climbed the Great Wall of China the other day! I say climbed as it is no way a walk. Its hard going. Was amazing though. Highlight of the trip so far. Just about did it with the hourly ciggerette breaks.
Later on after a zipline and a boat ride we got pished and built a beer tower. I think they’ve figured out that my room is the party room if need be. As long as i don’t piss Fabian off i guess.
There has been so much stuff that has happened in a short space of time i don’t know where to start!
Seen the terracotta warriers today which was cool. Some Chinese bint i was dancing with tried to steal my watch.Not so cool. Luckily “fuck off” is understood in every language. Slept on an over night sleeper train which was an experience. Rid a bike for 9 miles along X’ian’s city wall! That felt really good. Going to do that tommorow again i think. Our Chinese guide is a pisshead. Had her banging on the door of a closed shop at three in the morning to get booze to the annoyance of disgruntled staff. So got her well trained. Seen so much mad stuff to mention and still got so much to see. Its early days. Right folks. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.
Take it easy.


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