So its been a couple of weeks since ive updated due to being a busy boy! And paper and pen doesn’t really do it for me ive decided.And why would it since iv’e been using a keyboard for so long.I wouldn’t carry a phone box around instead of a mobile would i? Or i wouldn’t send a carrier pigeon instead of using a txt….
Ermmm………where to start.The group i guess. I lost a few of my good pals on this trip as they are off galavanting elsewhere,but gained a few new ones. It looks like im at the fore front of drinking shenanagins though. Last night being the prime example.I was a shambles. Drinking games seem to turn me into a hyper 4 year old child and i seem to get twice as fucked as everyone else.Had to get carried (yet again) to bed. Apparently im quite abusive when im drunk. No shock there then.
Im in Vietnam just now. Was in Hanoi a couple of days ago and to be honest i wasn’t a big fan. Its crowded,dirty and fucking noisy! Horns constantly from thousands of motorbikes. Again its a case of cross the road and play dodge the tyres.Had my first “im going to be stabbed” scare though….
Me,Kelly (Welsh girl) and Daff (Welsh guy!) left the club at around three one night and jumped on the back of motorbikes to get back to the hotel. Problem being my driver decided to go in the completely wrong direction and take me to a lovely dark street with plenty of shaders and not much home comforts – i.e lights and the slightest sense of where i was. Being hammered i got arsy with him and jumped off. Couple of problems though. Hardly any money.No phone.No map.And no hotel card.And to top it all off my brain decided that it would forget the name of the hotel. So i was pretty much up shit creek. Without a paddle.
After walking around aimlessley trying to recognise anything atall i flagged another driver down and explained the situation.Gave him what i had and promised him more IF he got me back safe and sound.An hour and a half later of driving around,hanging off the back of the bike i finally got back after several stops,de tours and losing the will to live. The driver seemed more chuffed than me that he got me back! He was great. Was my hero that night.
On the move again tommorow.Off to a beach somewhere. The group pretty much know not to ask me anything about the trip as i really don’t have a clue. Not a natural leader lets say. I organised a pool tournament though. I was far to cocky going into it and got knocked out in the first round by a girl. It was then i realised that i get more upset getting beat at anything than i do with most things. I completley lost all ability at the table and caved. Haven’t played well since.Confidence is absolutley shot with pool at thew moment. It happens.
Highlight of the past fortnight has been a boat trip to beautifull Halong Bay. Sun,sea and wine. Was a great day trip. Also a mention has to go to the village we stayed in a while back.Team Westerner versus the locals drew a big crowd at basketball – and we won! That was a special moment.
OH – I can’t pull Chinese girls for shit. Someone must write “RAPIST” on my head in the mornings.Just thought id get that in.
Right folks.Long day of travelling tommorow ahead of me.Fun,fun,fun. Kelly is my bus buddy. She lost her ipod so she has had to listen to mine.That’s one more Jimmy Eat World fan in the world now. Good stuff.
Hope Aberdeen is grand.I miss my favourite people but not the place. So don’t put the kettle on.Im not coming back anytime soon but i will see some of you in the New year.
Take it easy folks.

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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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