The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

snt it funny how this generation is completely obsessed with sheer laziness? If you were to go up to a girl in a bar and offer to buy her a drink she would most likey assume youve seen her bebo page,thought she was “tidy” and tried your luck based on remembering her top 5 favourite colour of socks or some pish to that extent.It seems were living in a time where throwing a flirty comment online here or there and sticking a couple of decent photos of yourself up is enough to warrant you a date somewhere down the line.That is of course if some other fucker hasn’t jumped in your grave with “sharing the luv” or “flogging the bishop” or whatever other pishy pulling device the internets going to come up with in the next few months.This got me thinking the other day….Surely there are people as young as 13,14 who just started their dating life as myspace/bebo came on the go and landed themselves some young bit based on the banter they gave to them online.Thats all good – you meet someone,add them as your bumchum and get started on working the charm.Problem being of course – what happens when the shit really hits the fan and you have to pile on the aftershave and the brylcream(yes im aware that makes me sound really old but i dont know what fucking hair product young teens use?flora?ambrosia?fuck knows)and head out for a date?Youve got to know eachother pretty well online but because youve both taken a lazy option of getting to know eachother,what happens if your social skills are absolutley shite and the date goes very badly?Surely thats a confidence denter?But lets turn it round for a minute.There are plenty of older people who did their dating malarchy back in a time where there were no mobile phone,internet and Davina McCall and found perfect happiness on online sites.Difference being theyve had years of experience and practice going through the shit and the good without looking at their phones for texts every two seconds and sleazily scanning the web for hotty’s.So why turn to the internet for dating?Everyone does it.Its an easy way of getting to know someone pretty well without actually having to talk to them to personally.Which is all good.Txting,messaging,browsing all has its up-points but fuck – can it not half drive you up the wall sometimes?! How many people have kicked themselves by sending a txt which was worded wrongly and taken completley out of context and the wrong way? I can never imagine living without the internet or a mobile now(my point is fast approaching by the way)and as easy as it is to build a relationship based on written text as opposed to words its also just as easy to take away from one.How many young couples around the country do you think have finished via txt or e – mail and how many you think have because of that very same reason?My point being as good as it is to get to know someone online the bases of a strong relationship lies on what happens personally. Txting and the internet is a good addition to keeping in touch and getting some things said that doesent really need to be said face to face but you shouldn’t really let txting and the internet play a major role in the way you go about and deal with things.At the end of the day a txt and an e-mail can only ever convey how you really feel partially and even then its only ever really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to big issues.Unless that is they take out the new Motorola P5x1million that can scratch your arse,send a text and send your girlfriend flowers at the same time.Its always better to tackle matters head on.
This time in ten years are marriages going to end via a bebo message? Are cheaters going to get caught by the girl sending his Mrs a picture message of him in the deed?Are absoulte weirdos going to stalk girls based on the them leaking to much information online?
Food for thought.Just wondering where the future lies in dating.Will you need to buy her and her laptop a drink?
Thats about all folks.A little tip and word of advice from me.If youve got a date coming up…….theres a nice little internet cafe just off of Union Street ;)
Take it easy.


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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