Aye aye folks. Im in Sunny Australia now sporting lovely 3rd degree burns to 90 percent of my body.Great.It means i’ll get a bonnie tan tommorow or the next day though.But for now i will have to persevere with my burning lips and steaming skin(i don’t have an std by the way).
A quick note on Sydney since im on Oz. Its nice. Infact its beautifull. But it isn’t me. Its a laid back,structured,civilized place which would be most people’s dream destination. However for me,i enjoy a place with a bit of grit,balls and some charachter to it as opposed to charm.And it is really expensive. Im going to be working my way up the coast soon enough…
So whats been happening! Well Cambodia,Bangkok and Vietnam have came and went. Done so many things to mention so i will just wing this blog and see what was most memorable. Well i’ll start with christmas day i guess.That was spent on a beach somewhere.In some place. (my memory is fucking awfull by the way.Constant alcohol abuse seems to have fried me)………..infact i’ll start with that. I kind of kicked back to 2005 with my drunken antics and went on a bender a couple on nights. For those of you that no me well a bender consists of chatting(not pill taking),dancing,sleazing,shouting,getti
ng agressive and then losing all concept of time,decency and self control. I.e to clarify – i fucked everyone off. Jumping on peoples beds,hurling abuse,opening and closing every train door at 3 in the morning,games of slaps, etc. So much so i actually got outcasted for a wee while and sent to the naughty boys room as Uncle terrance didn’t want to live with me anymore. Great. From then onwards i realised my flaws and that i was quite an unstable drunk,so resorted to making a real effort to change my ways. Since then i feel i have changed for the better. I have realised that im not the best drunks and if you don’t know me that well i can be a fucking nightmare. It also came to my attention that everyone has an opinion and mine at times isn’t the most educated. I have learned to be patient,bite my tounge and give people the time of day before laying down torrents of abuse. Its nice to learn.However! Im still as chirpy as ever.Just able to control myself better.You kind of need to over here.
Anyway……..It has came to my attention that both my parents now read my blog…..hmmmm……its not going to change anything i write but i can see them shaking their heads in disgust at certain things!
Just to let you know parents……I rented out a motorbike(pink),took it to a hundred k’s and i wasn’t wearing a helmet. Im sorry. It was pretty stupid.I guess its better coming from me.However………to make it up to you i petted tigers and went on an elephant ride. Something less rock and roll. I will try and behave myself from now on. Im getting slightly more sensible. Although i can’t see myself changing my ways that drastically.Just handle them a bit better.
I visited the killing fields in Cambodia and the jail in which the prisoners of war were kept,tortured and eventually slaughtered in many different inhumane ways. That was probably one of the most upsetting places i’ve been. To learn and see how so many people wer’e masacared was moving and it really was a strange day. Very glad i went.
Also saw countless temples. Fuck me. How many temples must one person see??? A case of “youv’e seen one – you’ve seen them all” for me im afraid.
My birthday was pretty cool.Ate and played with turnantula’s,went cycling and kicked a football about with the kids.Nae bad.
New Year in Bangkok was pretty cool too. Gotten into the habit of speiling off speach’es when im hammered. It was expected on the bells. I delivered.
On the pool front – i got better. And cleared up on a lot of people.
On the PULL front? Well thats not really a story for here.
And on the smoking front? Iv’e given up. Although iv’e learnt a new trick. – roll a lit tabby into your mouth – keep it there – and flick it back out without it going out.Nice one.
I met a lot of brilliant people on my trip round Asia,not only travel buddies but the locals aswell.The kids are amazing and the majority of people we have met have been welcoming,good natured and memorable. Also very kind. On a homestay one night in Cambodia i was amazed to find out that the Cheif of the town doesn’t know where his country is in the world.Of course when i found out it was the same case for Scotland that just woudn’t do. I gave him my Scotland hip flask. That was a great night.Iv’e never seen stars like that before. There was hundreds of them all crystal clear.Amazing.
So whats my on going plans? Well i met a great couple from Brisbane called Mitch and Ainsley and i intend to head up there in the next couple of weeks to stay for a while. Might even get a job if i like the place. Oz is huge though. So we shall see.
Im travelling with Jim just now.(The mouthy,ginger Doncaster rovers fan from the first trip).He’s a good lad. Got no problem with that.
So folks i guess i will keep you posted. Big Asia adventure over now. Its now about looking for work somewhere i love.Wish me luck.
Take it easy.
Congratualtions Wilson on being an uncle. Lets hope she doesn’t inherate your looks.

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