Stranger Things Have Happened

Before i start id just like to say that myself,the guys and everyone that knows Joe is thinking of you and can’t wait for you to get out of hospital so you can get pished and have a laugh with us again.You are missed and we know you will be ok – the army jumper will keep you in good stead! Get well soon bud.You are a top guy.Everyone thinks so.

For the past three months or so i have attempted to write a blog on several occasions,only to delete it and give up half way through.The problem being that for the first time since i have started my blog career (if you can call it that)………………………that’s a point……………………what do you call a blog writer?A blogger?That’s pretty gay.Its not like a plumber or a sparky is it?Its not a skill trade although if you did get paid well for being a grade A bull shitter id be rolling in the cash.And it isn’t a writer either i don’t think.You have columnists,reviewers,journalists etc but blogger’s?Thats just – fannyish.It really is.And im one by the looks of it…………….A part time fanny.Fantastic.
Back to the point.For the first time since i have started posting i actually have had a very eventful last few months to say the least.So much stuff (for lack of a better word) has happened – good and bad.And to be perfectly honest there was no way i was going to write about any of it.The thing is i have always written about the dafter things that happen to me and rarely touched on the more serious of matters.Which i have enjoyed! Nobody in there right mind would delve into the wardrobe and drag out some skeletons for the world to see.Every time i have attempted to post something i just couldn’t write for shit. So i apologise for the lack of entry as of late.Simply – i just didn’t have much to say.
2008 is upon us and you can see the destruction of new year resolutions everywhere you go. Every person at Albyn went on crash diets in order to look good in every photograph from this day forward.And lets give credit where its due…..they did amazingly well for the first few hours.The amount of salad getting eaten sky rocketed! In fact every second person seemed to tell me that they are “being good”.Its just a pity that every plate has a mountain of coleslaw/tuna mayonaise on every salad.
Hmm…..i don’t what to say about the people i work with.When i first started i wasn’t sure on most people.The kitchen staff are great – the two chefs are top guys.But the majority seemed a bit shifty and snitchy.I have now been there a few months and im starting to have a laugh with most of the nurses and starting to feel like a part of the paintwork now.There’s a wide variety of people there from all different wage brackets and backgrounds so of course your going to get your wankers but they are a genuine bunch of good people in there also.Although it is a big step down work wise for myself it makes up for it with a good structure,good laughs and different faces everyday.I might even go as far as saying im enjoying it at the moment.And with 7 weeks of holidays to look forward to i have it pretty easy.
So what was my new year resolution? Well…..i had a couple.Read more books was one.I have started off really well.I have read the daily record everyday and even had time to read the vidi printer every weekend to watch my coupon go down.Putting money on the football every week and failing is starting to make me lose my faith in winning. Jean Claude Darchville’s miss against Lyon ( sitter from a yard out) cost me near to 600 pounds.And i badly needed that money too.I haven’t really recovered from that.Gambling is a mugs game.
The second? Don’t get into such bad shapes up town and drink less.Has this happened? Yes – i believe so.Hardly had a drop since new year.I realised i had to buck up when i got home on the 1st after 22 hours of solid drinking and turning into dead weight for my folks to undress and put to bed.I had a three day hangover.
I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be an eventful year.With all the reading i won’t be doing it leaves me with plenty time to do just that.Take it easy folks.


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