Running Up That Hill

How hard is it to get two little sachets of sugar into a cup of coffee as opposed to all over the table and floor? It seems that a new trend has swept the nation.Well when i say nation i really mean one little corner of Holburn Street called Pappagallos.Same with toast.Ive seen less crumbs at a hovis factory than on a chair at work.Old people love to throw sugar left right and centre,middle aged men like to throw loafs aound like their going out of fashion and woman with monsters in prams like to leave banana skins,yogurt lids and fucking wet wipes on the floor.What the puddins is wrong with these people??I noticed this trend at my time in John Lewis.I think theres something in Coffee that makes people want to meet up and make as much fucking mess as physically possible,similar to whats in blue wkd’s that makes pre-teens want to play sash or some pish as loud as possible at the back of the number 23 bus. How can the rearangement of crockery,cutlery,food and drink make a restaurant look like a junkies bathroom floor in ten fucking minutes? Quite easily apparently as im the one thats cleaning up after the daily fix every bloody day.You can spot the waitress/waiter a mile away as when you go to clear their table theyv’e done most of the hard work for you.Its much appreciated although people dont need to do that,afterall that is my job.Its just the delebrate napkins thrown on the floor,cutlery all over the place and general mess that really pisses me off.Even leaving your chair at an obscure angle makes my blood boil.Of course folks there was once a time where i enjoyed my job and if you cant tell already im getting really fed up of being a waiter.Im in desperate need of a change of scenery as i think im slowly going round the bend in Pappagallos.The staff are great,they are all my good friends but im just dying for a change of scenery.Just not happy there anymore.But the summers coming up so ill just get my head down and try my best to get on with it.I dont want to give a half arsed performance day in and day out as thats not fair on my old man(the owner),its just hard to stay motivated when you dont really want to be there anymore.Think im just needing something to challenge me day in day out that isn’t my dogs biting my heels when i leave the house.Things are just far to easy for me just now.
Anyway folks just thought id splat another moan down.Take it easy.Ill leave you with a thought.
When a turtle loses its shell does that make him homeless or naked?
Take it easy.

About Darren Crocker

Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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