Out Of The Question

How many Darren Crocker’s does it take to change a light bulb? Three…..one to change the light bulb,one to see if anyone is watching him change it and one to make a massive deal over it.Hello people.Id thought id create another colourfull,pointless blog entry since theyve been rather scare of late.Theres a variety or reasons of that of course.The first being that i have now settled down with a girlfriend and i spend alot of time with her as opposed to falling around and causing mayhaem.Through personall choice of course!I do enjoy settling down and cozying up with someone.Im not saying im one of those people that are co – depended on their other half but theres really no point in writing about my adventures in my past while if itll resemble an episode of Ricki Lake as opposed to an Irvine Welsh novel.Secondly ive just more or less ran out of steam with the whole proceedings.Ive gotten myself into a nice,happy medium at the moment and as much as id love to write down the malrachys and tom foolery’s of late im afraid im going to have to pass.Most of the going ons of late have been rather personnal afairs and id rather not go into them.I suppose i could give you all an update of my life and where it stands at the moment but that would involve pretending i still want to go travelling,work for my old man and live at home after falling in love,getting bored of the same four walls, and not talking to my mum in two weeks.Although that being said ,im now taking some sort of weird uni course in which i dont really understand but i do know that the woman that comes into work for two hours every week is piss annoying and ive got a shit load of written work to do.Bit of a bodyshock really.The only written work i do is filling out a coupon every Saturday and writing the words “Chicken and Bacon Panini” everyday and “Mug of Latte”.The light at the end of the tunnel being of course that i’ll pretty much be a qualified supervisor at the end of it and my hand writing will be ten times neater from when i was fifteen.The downsides being ill have to actually set my mind to something for more than an hour a week which is torture enough and listen to a voice of authority which isnt my dad.Oh dear.
Im going to go to portugal for the first week in March which i found out today.My folks have got a time share in over there so im going to go over for the week.This time will be spent at the gym,swimming and reading Gordon Ramsey’s book.Its a villa in the middle of fuck all so theres nothing much else to do but i will apprecitate the break and the cheap holiday at that.Will be good to get away for a while.Youd think my life was awfull the way i ramble on.Its far from it.Ive got it pretty easy folks.I just lack direction and a fucking grip!Ill lay it on the table on what im thinking right now.
I want to be with my girlfriend – bottom line.I also want to travel the world.Im months away from making a choice,maybe years depending on what happens in the coming year but all i know right now is that i am very happy with what i have at the moment and although ill keep on saving no matter what i just want to get through the next half year stress free.For anyone thats ever been loved up you’ll agree how hard it is to look past anything barr the person thats most important to you.That being said you always have to keep saving for a rainy day.Things can change so quickly.Take each day as it comes.But as it stands at this very time – im happy with what i have.
Anyway folks – just thought id update you with the happenings of late which isnt alot im sure youll agree.But since two bottles of wine and a few beers seem to inspire me id thought id lay it down.Take it easy x

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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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