Light Up My Room

Happy New Year to one and all! Im just home from town and have surprizingly good vision so i thought id have a stab at a blog since i havent written one for nearing a month.Call me a loser all you like but if any of you fuckers invited me to a party i wouldnt be sat at home excited at the fact that the new “Tiger Woods” game will be completed before you could say “tinky underaged slag”.It seems town is only fit for 14 to 15 year old young ladies whos idea of looking attractive is wearing a scotland flag around their waist as opposed to a shirt.Anyone want to tell them its minus 40 outside?Dosent their mothers ever tell them that they look as attractive as blood stains on your pillow case?Why bother wearing a skirt when you would look so much better wearing a balaclava over their clatty ridden faces.Puzzles me.It really does.Ive had a very good time this christmas time indeed.Saint Claus has been very good to me and i got everything i desired.I didnt wish for world peace and to save the panda this year so everything else was doable.Ive realised this festive period that im a loved up.Spent about 40 days and nights with my girlfriend and unlike josh hartnett i did at least get a kiss during that time.New year means fuck all to me when it comes to grabbing some slag on the bells for twenty seconds of heartless fuck all.The only person i wanted to see was Alanna but as shes down in Geordie town at the moment i can only look forward to her advances as opposed to making my own in which i am all for.Id rather behave myself.Its so not worth it folks.New Years a joke.I had no problem staying faithfull.
I started writing this entry a good hour back but my mum came stumbling in with a pal and i got distracted.So its a good while later and ive sucsessfully embarresed her by swigging out the bottle,shouting profanities and showing her pal that im nowhere near clean cut and innocent.But really what do you expect from a newly fledged 21 year old?Im rebelling before the new year forces me into non smoking,gym going and diet dwelling pish.New Year is a fucking farce by the way.Its just any other night of the year barr some people feel compelled to come up to you and ramble on about what profession they do or how crap theyr’e university course is.Fuck off.I dont give a shit.All i want to do is go to a house party where i might have a slim chance of getting into an interesting conversation or go home in which i can drink my heart out and do whatever the fuck i want.Call me anti – social if you will but i really struggle to find the difference between eating a macoroni pie at three in the morning and eating a a macaroni pie at four in the morning whilst speaking to some rugger bugger arsehole who thinks that “cambridge rocks the fuck out of Aberdeen”.Although that being said my mates were on top form this year and it was a good night.Many laughs were had.Sean was sick at about nine o clock over the table.What more can i say.
I must say i enjoyed christmas this year.It was a mellow affair with Robbie Williams live in Doncaster or some pish and novelty socks galore.With the lass coming over at night time it completed a rather feel good chilled out day.Over the age of 16 christmas is no more than forced smiles,shit tv and to much food in our house hold.But My family put in a lot of effort to keep some sort of stability in the ranks and i appreciate and respect the fact that everyone puts in some sort of effort to keep the spirit alive no matter how crap christmas may seem.The 25th of December is always a day when everyone trys that little bit harder and i suppose thats our own personall sense of christmas spirit.
My birthday was grand.It had its ups and downs for some strange reason.Overall it was exactly what i expected.Good times,pished times,bad times,and good times again.A typical 21st i presume.My good pals,my family and my girlfriend were all in attendance during the course of the day.Cheers folks.I did have a good night.
So 2007 is here.I wish you all a succsessfull new year and i hope you all persue what makes you happy.
Personally myself it could possibly line up to be a rollercoaster of a year and that i have a lot of decisions to make and questions to be answereed.But im assured in knowing that i will definateley go after what makes me happiest.
Have a good one folks and i hope to talk to all that i give a shit about soon.
Take it easy.



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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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