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So i feel there is a possibility that the style of my blogs may vary in the next few posts.My usual antics will have to take a backseat for X factor on a Saturday night,curtain shopping on a Tuesday morning and getting pissed with unlcles on their 60th birthday party.Thats right folks – im not turning 40,but it looks like i do have a girlfriend.I think its only right i respect her privacy for the time being so i wont be telling tales of past encounters.Lets just say the past couple of weeks have been great and im looking forward to spending more time with her.
Well since the majority of times ive been out the past couple of weeks has been with her i have pretty much piss all else to write about!Im not usually one for “today i went to the park and got mugged” or “this afternoon im going shopping with my mum”.All i talk about is myself!But since you buggers pretty much know a good bit about me now im going to have to write about what flavour of nutri grain i had for my breakfast and how many plates can fit in my dishwasher.To be honest im just not that bothered to write them anymore.Ive been thinking of writing some short stories.Im trying to force the productive gene through every hole and gap in my body but it seems to always get stuck at the arsehole next to the drumkit,the fitness and the saving.And even when it does gain entry somehow – its in one,and out the other!so to speak.Maybe if my mum mushes it up with my food i wont notice.I need to do something with my evenings.I dont want to fall into the norm of work,home,work,home without breaking it up somehow.Tried the reading malarchy to but it just doesent grab my attention for more than half an hour.Quite sad when Bill fucking Oddie can.But i suppose if its plain sailing with my new lady friend all will change.In will step Simon Cowell for Bill Oddie and Chinese dinners for fitness regimes.Maybe she can give me the productive gene.Is it contagious?If you spend time with someone thats always on the go will it rub off on you?A good kid can go bad by hanging around with the wrong crowd but it seems to me its easier to slip down the rails than to shimmy back up them.At school just because the girl sitting next to you got straight A’s dosent mean you will.But if she had a heroin addiction id probably be hitting it up before you could say algebra’s for dicks.Hmmm….just a thought.
Anyway thats about it for today.And it may be the last blog for a while.We shall see.In the words if Sum 41 – “Motivation,such an aggravation”.Takeit easy folks.


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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