Into The Great Wide Open

Open your bedroom window,turn off big brother,get that dance pish oot your lugs and have a listen.You may hear a passing car,a screeching seagull or a penny dropping but youll most likely not hear the sounds of kids playing.Is this due to global warming?Well no because children aren’t ice caps or falling trees but you could maybe point the finger at computer games,the internet and of course the pish weather of late.When i was younger i was out playing football everyday after school and going to the park every night.It was just normality to meet up with your friends and throw rocks at stuff and make tree swings and pish like that but now you hardly see any kids going about on bikes,skateboards etc.Where the fuck are they?As far as i know theres been a rise in polish people,students and fucking tubes up town but certainly not guys selling puppies from the back of their cars so it is a worry.On Friday evening Me,Sean and Wilson faniced a game of putting down at Sunnybank.It was a nice evening and for anyone that knows the area well theres plenty of places to play football,parks and generally alot of places to piss about.We fully expected to get abuse shouted at us from groups of little shits but they were nowhere to be seen.The putting wasn’t even open and there was not one football getting kicked about.Bit surreal.That being said a couple of kids did make an appearence eventully and proceded to batter us all with sticks.They dissapeared shortly after,thinking they would come back with their “hard” cousins but we were left disspoined.Are the parents keeping kids in?It wouldnt suprise me atall.The media would like you to think that every Tom,Dick and Harry that moves to a street near you is a child abducter or a peaodaphile.The chances of something like that happening to your kid out playing is very,very slim.For anyone that knows the Northern college(big area to fuck about in and play football near my house)youll have noticed that the whole place has been torn to the ground to make way for new flats and houses which is a crying shame.I used to love that place for a cheeky smoke,a few drinks and general banter.Was a sad day when it got cornered off as it holds alot of memories and was an ace place to go chill for a while.I think im going to organise a big piss up somewhere soon for a day of sunny banter.Ill keep you posted.Id like to hear your opinions on this because im baffled.Do more kids own mobiles,ipods and playstations than footballs,skateboards and bikes?Food for thought.Anyway im off to climb trees.Take it easy folks.

About Darren Crocker

Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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