Get Up And Go

Why is it the most simple of tasks often get overlooked yet the solution to these tasks can have a part to play in your life,day in and out? Its human nature that we brush aside the things that warrant little of our time,yet if we tackle these tasks head on from when they first arise they can alter your mindset for the better. Anything from straightening that picture thats been squint for the past six months to hugging your mum before going out can play a role in your life if you let it. I have a long list of things iv’e been meaning to do and just never gotten round to it.Little things like sorting out cd’s and getting round to buying that pain in the arse little battery that only your tv takes can make you feel alot happier when you finally do it.Iv’e noticed that ive picked up my dads trait of leaving and leaving things and pushing it aside claiming ive got more important things to worry about it.The fact is i don’t and he does.I work full time but i can’t use the excuse of having no time as i could be taking action to sort these things out,as opposed to just pissing about on here all night.My granda gave me the advice of “Don’t put off till tommorow,what you can do today” and recently i have gave it a fair shot.I bought that pain in the arse battery today so thats step 1 of the seven step plan out the way.The other 6? Well the first would be treat both my parents with more respect and not snap at them.I feel terrible every time i clam up when my old man wants to speak and now im the same with my mum.Three complexed elements under one roof can be difficult at times and as in every family the atmosphere is constantly on a set of balance scales.I need to realise that im a big weight on those scales and take the responsibility without upsetting anyone.With the clock ticking away id like to have the best possible relationship with both parents before i leave.
Step 2 is maintain a good level of fitness.Over the past two to three years iv’e maintained a decent weight but i have it drilled in to my head now that i’ll never get back to the way i was before.So this really isn’t a problem for me as for the most part i eat healthy and walk just about everywhere as well as jogging when i can be arsed.
Step 3 is to save as much money as possible so i can have an ace time when im away.Im treating this as a punishment for myself as i have been so bad with my money since working full time.Ive had nothing to show for it and have bought far to much shite.I now want to do something with my earnings so i will do my money justice and spend it on things i need untill i go and want to do when im away.
Step 4 would be working through all the things i have ignored for to long.Selling the drum kit,sorting the cd’s,spanking the monkey etc etc……
Step 5 is buying all the things i need for going away.Top of the list bar the mandatory needles in the arms and necking back as much Irn-Bru as possible would be buying an old school Scotland top and wearing it all over the world.Pride included of course.
Step 6 and 7 is open for suggestions.If anyone would like to make this the best year ever and throw huge,exspensive parties with baby tigers and a bar made of ice for me to attend just like “My Super Sweet Sixteen” id love to attend.I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity for a good time before i go.
I plan on collecting as much good music as i can.If anyone thinks id like anybody in particular let me know!
Anyway i know that was a bit uninteresting but hey – if you have made it this far down the blog you must of been semi interested :P
Take it easy folks.


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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