Ending Of An Era

So thats it folks. The fat lady has indeed sang and the clock has stopped ticking,which signals the end of my time here in Aberdeen. Im meant to be packing just now but im actually to sad and hungover too. I won’t be excited untill im on the plane because at the moment i just feel shit im leaving everyone. Im so flattered and gratefull for the effort my friends and family have put in to give me a great send off,over these past weeks. Some of you have said the nicest things to me and made me feel really appreciated as a friend so id just like to say that it meant alot to me. Im going to miss you all! And i know i’ll see you bunch over at the other side of the pond sooner or later.
I was going to write a massive entry but to be honest i think i’ve said all i want to over this past week to people.I’ll keep you all updated on my travels and i will be back eventually. So if some hairy,smelly rough looking gypo comes chapping at your door you’ve either answered to Russel Brand or i’ve came back to say hello!
Right folks……….The time has finally come for me to do what iv’e always wanted to do! The big adventure starts……………..NOW!
A few words of wisdom…….Always cross at the green man.DON’T……Try this at home.Dont drink and drive – you might spill your beer.Stop,Drop and Roll.Dinna shit in each others pockets.There is never a good answer to “Do i look fat in this?” – just kiss her.If the river runs red take the dirt track instead. Take it easy and au revoir et salut.



About Darren Crocker

Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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