Destroy Rock And Roll

Aye aye folks! First and foremost i shall apologise for my long absence from writing my blog. Bet all you fuckers thought i had grown out of my “emo” stage and retired for good eh? Wrong you are! I was merely dabbling in the realms of keeping busy.And what a weird unique feeling it is! Actually doing things amongst getting pished and falling asleep outside Zavvi and getting carried out of sin. So where to start? Bulgaria i guess! Came and went really and i had an amazing time. So much so that me and Andy decided to stay another week. There are many a story to be told but if i was to go into that you would be reading into the night. Just the usual for a lads holiday really. Messes in and out the pool, theiving gypo’s and more hot girls than you could shake your…………well…………insert whatever word you see fit there. What i did take back from Bulgaria (and no not Std’s) was a new found love for dance music. Not really the tunes that were playing there as it was quite dated in that sense but it has sort of spurred me to broaden my musical horizons a bit,which can only be a good thing.I have kind of turned my back on alot of my ipod and replaced it with a load of new albums. So much so that it is now full! Digitalism and justice are favourites at the moment. I suppose thats hit me at the right time before i go traveling. Which is only three weeks away!
I am indeed coming to the end of my time in the Deen. Sad times. Im starting to get really excited now but being shit scared seems to be battling that now too. Im starting to realise that im leaving everything behind and nothing will quite be the same when i return. I can pretty much bank on i wont have a house to return to. And as for friends and family – its all a big question mark really. I just hope some of you fuckers come and see me on the road! You know no matter where you end up seeing me you will have an ace time. I will do my best to keep in touch with the people i care about. You mean more to me than you think. There you go – return of the emo!
So i kind of forgot what i had written about in past blogs and it seems recently it was about organisation. Have i been? Ermm……not really. But i have made an effort. My visa’s are nearly there.Just waiting on the Cambodian one coming back. But i fucked up the China one. Looks like i won’t be going to Hong Kong! Great. (Seperate state from China and i needed a double entry visa and only got a single)So it looks like i will be on my tod for a couple of days. It’ll do me good. As long as i don’t get mugged,raped or buggered. Well at least not at the same time.
Drum kit is still for sale! Will one of you just take it off my hands please. I will throw in a pair of spunky boxers and a bottle of shite aftershave. Essence of Crocker in both senses.
Well im sure most of you know about my leaving party. Id love to see you there. Not really directed at anyone in particular. You. Just you. Buy me a drink.
Not much else to say then folks. I will probably post again before i leave. If not then it will be tales of a far away land. Probably of me eating christmas dinner on a packed train in Vietnam or getting a gun prodded into my skull in China. If so…………….then yay! I made it. If not……….then someone can plays drums at my funeral.
Take it easy folks.


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