Well it looks like the travelling bubble has burst as am now in the process of settling down for a few months. No big deal really and its by no means a bad thing. If i want to go see the places iv’e always wanted to im going to have to live in the big bad super scary,super hardore world for a while.However i’d much rather live it here as i don’t think the novelty of being in a different country could ware off. Anyway…..A wee update.
Im not sure if i mentioned this but me and Jim met up in Sydney and we met three girls (who in turn met eachother on their travels) and we decided to rent a car and drive up the East Coast. Actually i met Jenny at the airport and it happened to be that we ended up being in the same hostel and in the same room! So me,her and Jim travelled up to Manly ( a seaside tourist resort) where we adpoted Shana and Mel and took them with us. Anyway… iv’e now said my goodbyes to them and decided to live and work in Brisbane to save for a stint round New Zealend.
Am i feeling any better about Oz? Well yes. Im still not majorly excited about it but i appreciate being on my own for a while as i feel it was more important for me to do this trip to sort my head out first and not worry to much about what im doing with my life. I have plenty of time to pull the finger out my arse and point it any direction. However for the time being im taken it one step at a time. Iv’e only just set foot in Oz really.
Iv’e bought a pair of football boots,joined a team and now have a place to stay. As training has been at night i haven’t experienced kicking a ball about a sauna yet but i can imagine i will look like a hampster in a microwave and if i don’t die of exhaustion i will definatly die of over exposure to fit,skillfull football players. They will be the death of me. I will be running circles on the sub bench thats for sure.
As for the place? Well it was easier to get that than it is the job. Iv’e moved into the South Suburbs about twenty minutes from the city with a couple named Dan and Amber. They own the house and im renting a room. They are as sound as a pound (never got that saying by the way.Where did it come from and what the fuck does it mean?) and the house is more than i could of asked for. It has a sleepy suburb feel to it with a dartboard,pool table couple of dogs and a big garden.However it has a big tv,a good kitchen and internet access to keep me entertained so im quite happy there.
Funny story….
Went to check out a house a fair bit out of the city as the add said “Two young,sporty,fun loving girls looking for a male 18 to 30 to move in and have some fun” or something to that extent.Naturally i checked it out!
After arriving a young blonde,bubbly girl greeted me and we got chatting over a cup of coffee (this story does not end in shagging just to let you know). Nice house,nice girl and her flatmate looked pretty foxy too and although it was a fair bit out the road that was enough convincing for me to put pen to paper.Around an hour later she gets a phonecall from what i thought was a friend taking the piss asking who i was,how long id been there for,why i hadn’t left yet etc. After the call she looked a bit edgy and 5 minutes later this fucking action man,army dude with massive arms and a wife beating vest comes storming in telling me that i had overstayed my welcome! He thought we were doing more than checking out the room.Laying carpet perhaps.The guy was clearly unstable and over protective and she tried to calm him down.As she was walking him to the front of the house this other guy turns up.As it turns out she was seeing the army guy and the other guy but neither knew about eachother. I now found myself in the middle of this Jerry Springer rehearsal session. He screached off in his car calling her a “fucking slut” and i left,slightly shitting myself that i was going to get a hit and run on the way to the bus.Fortunatly i made it home (well the hostel) safe and sound and as much as i would of liked to move in it didn’t materialise.Welcome to Australia i thought!
So at the moment i have just printed off a few CV’s and away to throw them in more places.I haven’t had one phonecall which is a first for me so iv’e made them more professional. Hopefully i’ll get work soon.
A couple of people i have been travelling with are coming to Brisbane soon so i have that to look forward to.
Take it easy folks and i’ll update soon.

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