Big Casino

Tick tock tick tock tick tock etc etc etc. Its now “shit – im leaving soon” O’ clock. And i haven’t done any of the stuff on my list.Fantastic.Which either means im full of shit or that i have good intentions to be productive but slowly over time my positive thinking dilutes to piss all. Which could probably tie into the full of shit category.I got told the other day that i talk just for the sake of talking.It is true.But iv’e realised im just trying to convince myself with some things.I say whats in my head out loud a fair bit. Its just to off load them.In terms of physically getting off my arse and working through the list i have i am shit.Haven’t done most things yet.Which is very anti productive.Talking about doing them constantly but doing nothing to solve it.Going on my travels will definatley sort this out though. I have no choice to.No one else will! I have definatley seen more of my friends since my trip was booked. Im starting to realise how much i will miss them. And with Bulgaria coming up in two weeks im sure i’ll think that even more. I don’t know if i will ever come back to settle in Aberdeen again. I know i will come back but will i want to live here? Im really not sure. Im guessing not. But who knows what’ll happen. How much of my friends will still be in Aberdeen come this time in two years? Times are a changing and its time for people to get proper jobs and maybe do a bit of travelling themselves weather it will be with work or in a similar way to myself. It’ll be interesting to see what everyones doing by the time i get home.
Talking of Bulgaria i am riddled with excitement. It is going to be absolute carnage. Im pleased Stanley is coming along. Iv’e seen alot more of his ugly coupon these past months than i have before and he is a welcome edition to the piss up.
Finally everyone is together for a boys piss up. Who will be the first to ride a moped hammered and break their leg? Who will almost drown in the pool? Who will get ripped off by a hooker? And who will be the first to lose everything they have on the second night? Watch this space.
After the summer it is only three months untill i leave. Scary times. Can’t fucking wait though. Hopefully i will see some of you on my travels. Untill then expect to see me kicking about a fair bit. Im going to enjoy my summer in the Deen. Swapping cider and Mcflurry’s at Union Terrace gardens for beaches and cocktails sounds great on paper but the fact is i love my city and proud to be born and bred here. Im just bored now and need to move on. Everyone has to do it sometime. But i can guarantee i will never forget where im from. I am and always will be a proud Aberdonian.
Take it easy folks.

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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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