So i made it to China safe and sound with the added bonus of no rape,stabbing or buggery as of yet. This may be due to the marathon sleeping sessions iv’e been having therefore staying clear of such scenarios.
It seems my body clock isn’t happy. Its half past seven in the evening here and iv’e been asleep since six this morning. I stayed up all night the past two mornings to watch the football in annoying Chinese commentry,to the dissapointment of the sleepy hostel staff who wherever you looked was sprawled across every available chair,desk or comfy sofa. Even the security guard got in the action sleeping on the job. So really there is nothing saving me from buggery.
I eventually got to the hostel after an argument with the taxi driver that picked me up from the airport. He was trying to chore me. We settled a price and i got there after he got lost.
It seems the driver and the rest of the Beijing community feel the need to clear their throats and spit every two minutes. But if i lived in a city this polluted id probably do the same. Add a smokers cough to that and thats a deadly recipe for cancer.
The traffic is insane. Crossing the road is like frogger on acid. The trick seems to be – walk into the middle of the road,don’t turn back and pray you don’t get run over.
The city itself is massive and spectacular. A buzzing metropolis where everyone is hurrying to get somewhere.
The people are friendly and iv’e felt safe walking the streets.Maybe wasn’t the best idea to leave the room wearing a t shirt with a pink bunny on the front. I recieved countless stares which i interpreted to eiter “LOOK! A WESTERNER!” or “LOOK! A GAY WESTERNER!”. Either or its typical Crocker fashion to stand out in a city of millions of people.
After walking round aimlessley for hours i came to the conclusion i was well and truly lost,so i flagged down a taxi. I tried to tell the woman to take me to the train station as its across the road from my hostel. This was no easy task as she didn’t speak a word of English. Eventually she had me doing choo choo noises and drawing trains on the back of a receipt. She laughed. I remained lost.
When i did finally get back i needed a beer and went down to the bar. It was there i met a couple of Dutch guys and a Canadian with his girlfriend. After the mandatory “Holland are shit – we’re going to beat you” nonsense,me and the Canadian decided to hunt down a shop that was open to buy beer.After an hour long chat drinking on the street we headed in and it looks like i made my first buddy.
I was meant to meet them at breakfast today but since its the evening im hazarding a guess that i missed them.
Had a wee scan at the receptionists reservations and it looks like my group is mostly Brits,Swedes and Americans so i’ll look forward to meeting them tommorow.
Interantional frogger coming up…….
Take it easy folks.

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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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