Virginia Moon

Well wish me luck folks as i have my driving test this morning.Wait a minute.What was that?Cancelled?Due to the examiners being on strike?Not untill September now?What?………No phone call?Not even a letter?”Want to continue with your lesson?”My answer to that?FUCK NO.If i drive home now will i get my money back?Yes?Good….Ill turn the car around then.This has severely pissed me off as i had to swap shifts at work meaning i cant go out at the time i want to tonight and if i passed i would of got my old mans car to drive about for the rest of the summer.All this nonsense only ever seems to happen to me and it looks like ive got really shitty luck.Its not my instructers fault – he sympathised with me.Not only that its only half nine in the morning.Far to early to play drums.Aw well – the silver lining is that more people die on the roads each year than they do with planes,trains,boats etc put together.So at least im escaping death.But then of course more people die of lung Cancer in a year than die on the roads probably.Aw well.Ill just stay in my room with my curtains shut and my lungs pinky.That will save me from certain death.I am extremely frustrated if you cant tell.If always had problems with BSM and i feel ive been taking for a ride which i touched on a couple of entries ago.Just another prime example of getting walked all over.When i finally do pass my test i invite you all to jump in the back,(not at the same time mind you)drive to the local shop,buy half a dozen eggs,and splatter BSM.Infact lets not stop there.Infact – ill even turn a corner without putting my indicator on.YEHH.That will show them.And then ill run a red light at 3 in the morning when im the only car on the road.Then just for the sake of it ill do an emergency stop when there isnt even an emergency!HAHAHAHA.Ill be the death of them – youl’l see.Professor Chaos!I might cheer myself up a bit by going in town and buying myself a new pair of trainers.Not that im getting bored of gold but i get refused entry in town sometimes because of them and a nice pair for the weekends wouldn’t go a miss.Im not a pair of shoes kind of guy.On occasion only.See i always feel there will be a time when im going to need to make a run for something if its for the bus or getting chased and id wish i wore my trainers.Or i may go to the gym if i can be arsed.But thats highly unlikely.Ill probably end up making a sandwich.Then throw it off of the next BSM car i see……..Oh and by the way im totally running out of Foo Fighter songs to name my blogs.So sooner rather than later im going to have to move on to another band.Unless that is i want to title them “Floaty (acoustic)” or “Everlong (Live)” and thats just well stupid.So i think its a toss up between Incubus as they have some arty farty names and CKY who i just love.I will never use “Panic” at the disco” Unless i want my blogs to be called “Holding pictures of angel wings,screaming out loud for attention,keeping her mouth shut,passport sized”And again – thats just fucking stupid.What ever happened to song titles?Whats wrong with “Loving you” and “loveshack “and “loving you in the loveshack”?.Well the last one dosent exist but i feel i may wirte a song now called that.Ive always wanted to do the nasty in the loveshack.Maybe i will on my travels…..Tata x


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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