Im In Love With A German Film Star

Well i had a great weekend at Hollys house celebrating her 21st Birthday.They did a great job at converting their barn into a wee disco and making their house a welcome place to relax in the countryside for the weekend.Thanks for the invite I enjoy animals.Not in the sense of fucking them or impaling them on fences but as in enjoying their company.Got to play with dogs,cats and horses all weekend and ive realised im still the animal lover i once was when i was a kid.Ive always had a way with birds (the feathered type) and lots of other creatures as my grnadma and my dad are massive animal lovers(again i must state – not in the fucking or impaling sense).Used to go on lots of trips to find birds,deer,foxes etc and a lot of my sparetime as a kid was spent being fascinated about animal books,magazines,programmes and just outdoors in general.But of course once our springer Spaniel died a few years back my folks went and bought two little yappy bastards named Mackie and Hamish in which i love but would have no problem tying them to a hot air balloon and watching them dissapear into the sunset.They make me want to cut my own arm off just to have something to batter them with.And i feel they have tarnished my love for animals.I think i want a cat when im older now since ive never been the biggest fan of them.Hollys cats ace.Wimbledons started and im lying in my bed watching it as we speak.Im trying to figure out if i watch it for the sport aspect or for the loud sensual moans the lovely ladies give out mid volley.I think id be old before my time if the latter prevailed.But then again – maybe the rain will come out and their tops will get sligtly wet.I feel my music taste is taking a turn for the better.Im not completely satisfied with listening to the same oldsame old.Ive always been a nu – metal kid with a bit of this and that thrown in.But as radio 1 is getting me through the working day now i feel myself taking a turn.Im getting into a lot of dance and a bit of jazz at the moment and i know that the radio is the tip of the iceburg and id very much like to venture down that road.Any reccomendations feel free to throw them my way.Id like to talk to someone with a completley different music taste.Im open for anything…Take it easy folks.


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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