Flesh Into Gear

So its hitting that time of year again.The nights will start getting darker,girls will start getting moodier and boys will start getting fatter.Sadly we are nearing the end of the summer.But the one saving grace before we hit arctic weather again is the yearly end of August Leeds festival in which i have partaken in for the past three years,this year of course being my forth and possibly final year.As i take a trip down memory road i ponder if this year could possibly top the others.The first year always goes down in history as the best.A good majority of our group went down and we really did cause a ruckus.Sadly my memory of this weekend is shady as i was a shivering,pale mess for a good majority of the day and night.I was very unprepared and my saving grace was my bank card for food and water.I think i brought a tent,a sleeping bag and pretty much nothing else.I borrowed the tent of my grandma and i made the mistake of not checking it before i put it up.It was a brown,mouldy,one man tent which by the second night was dowsed in beer,sun tan lotion and kicked to the ground by my jesting friends.I still slept in it though for another night in a nice puddle of carling.By the third night i slept rough next to some scouser.Good times,good times.By the Sunday i partied myself out so much i was asleep by 9,paraletic – and missed a whole load of stuff.As i said – i was a mess.The second year less of us went but a few new faces.My outstanding memory of that year was thinking it was a good idea to go on some horrible looking ride with Clappy when i was quite stoned and a bit pissed.After watching some guy total trip out on it as we had a good laugh at him we decided it was a must.After one minute of getting turned upside down and inside out i felt possitvley sick and we both wanted off.But unfortunatley it went on for a good few minutes after that and i spilled my guts over the side after the fun.After stumbling back to camp Peeps thought it would be a good idea to burn a cd player,then a chair.I took a mouth full of toxic fumes then passed out.Again – my memory is sketchy.Last year was a bit quiter untill the last night – then thats when the riots happened.The security theyre was an absolute joke and they swung their weight about a fair bit.Mean fiddler have even admitted this and have changed security firms this year.So the whole campsite rebelled against them hurtling them with bottles,rocks and fire.The rowdy crowd then barricaded them into a corner and pelted them as louts broke into the beer trucks and handed out crates of 24s to everyone.Then a huge explosion went off knocking people to the ground as someone put butane in the bonfire.Was nuts.By this point the security dawning full riot gear advanced towards the rowdy crowd forcing everyone back.I just enjoyed a cold beer watching it all happen.I could go on and on about outstanding memories of Leeds but they are honestly endless.Festival time of the year is by far the highlight of the otherwise,a boring and dragging summer.I love the place and i cant wait to go back.One week from Today….And i will be better prepared this year.But unfortunatley this comes at a cost as it will set me back 30 notes for batteries for the cd player.Just an example.I also have to buy Wilson a tent as i burned his down to the ground last year.And myself.And a sleeping bag,alcohol etc.It will all add up.But it isnt half worth it.I think everyone should experience a festival.Its purely amazing…..


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