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Well isnt it fitting that yet again i find myself writing another blog entry on a god damn Sunday.And its not as if i dont do anything on a Sunday because i do.I think its just the reflective nature i have especcially at the end of an extremely drunken weekend.Picture this – dancing in club tropicana to “Its Raining Men” in the middle of a hen party,with your top off and screaming ladies trying to pull your boxers down.Yes – this was me and Rigby.See we thought itd be funny to jump in the middle of a hen party and start dancing wildly but before we knew it we were circled and stripped as the dj spun the song on for our benefit.And yes – it was embarrasing!But fun never the less and i supose its our own fault for being so damn sexy!Miowwwwwwwwwwwwww………Grrrr…And the amount of money im spending in gentlemen clubs (Titty Bars) is becoming slightly worrying.I just go crazy in those places.I love them.Yes i do.So whos watching big brother?I am – and i want to go in!The problem is im a reasonably normal boy from Scotland.I dont cross dress,fuck boys or dress like a fanny.But to be fair i dont think i could go 2 hours without wanking nevermind 12 weeks.And the chances of my folks watching me on telly with a hard on and a ciggerette in my mouth is something im not to sure they would appreciate.That being said i think id be a good housemate and a have the sav to keep myself out of trouble and get towards the end.Anyone is better than these 12 imbociles that have blessed us with their shite patter,boring conversations and ugly faces.Bar imogen of course – who is an angel.I love her.Anyone want to throw a summer party and invite me?Im dying here.Everythings so boring!I need a bit of excitement.And since the world cup is coming up theres no excuse.Youve got to love Summer.I suppose thats wraps it up again – my blogs arent very exciting and not perticularly what you want to hear or be arsed reading about but i dont care.Id much rather tell you people about my happenings than write a diary.Just not my scene.Later folks.


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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