Weanie Beanie

I dont feel funny,inspired or arsed writing a blog.Im tired,narcy just punched my dog for no reason.So i guess ill be going with the flow for then next 30 odd lines.Look out your windows guys – the snows back.I repeat the snows back.Lets not find love,save a whale or adopt a child over it.Its only snow – ignore it,stay indoors and itll be gone by the morning.Hopefully gone by the morning should i say as its more likey to be a grey mass of shit that kicks up at your face by then.
So whats everyones favourite drunk?Is it the lovable funny guy?The fucking arsehole that speaks to folk like shit but yet manages to get a ride every weekend?The shy quiet type that vomits on her lap without any notice?The 40 something slag with three kids out to “eat up” little boys such as myself?The 50 something drunk man that sings on the bus?Or the 14 year old flicky haired,pierced ear,elbow swinging poof with a smoking habit when someones looking and a different accent for every person they meet?
Id go for the latter – as this is the only time the snow comes in handy.See where im going?
But for pure shit and giggles – youd have to admire the happiness and courage or the 50 something man.They will sing and talk to anyone and the next time they do – dont ignore them.Listen up – you might just have a laugh or even learn something.
The general manners of some people in our city is really wrong.I think Aberdeen is the only place in the world that people…….
Wont Say thank you for opening a door
Wont Wait at least ten seconds for someone to get to the door(excluding the elderly as i presume everyone would)
Treat the city centre as one big club
Batter someone without warning
That being said i wouldnt change my home city for the world.The good always outnumbers the bad and the fact that i want to move away from here eventully,wont change the fact that im a proud Aberdonian and would never forget my roots.
Well ive been distracted by the apprentice for the past 5 minutes and feel greatly uninspired so i feel this blog is coming to an end.Your fired!


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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