Up In Arms

Arent girls lovely?No!They are the spawn of the devil – and dont you guys forget that.

I somehow seem inspired to write when ive had two hours sleep,look like a car crash and smell of coffee,work,and fags.Fuck man – coffee,fags and ermm……bagel.Oh yeah thats what dreams are made of.As its steak and blow job day soon i thought id celebrate by cooking a steak and watching someone else get a blow job.Ive developed a new thing called – no fear and – dont give a shit.Well ive always had these qualities about me but recently its sort of came out at every angle.I think this can only be a good thing as blowing off some steam is exactly what i need to do – im a stressed oot young lad i tell you.Why?i dont know – maybe its because working full time is a big pile of ding.And working for your dad has its benefits but for the most part – yip – working full time is a big pile of plop a dop.
Why are so much people obbsessed with snow?the last time i checked snow turned gay the minute you got pubes.Long gone are the days of snowmen,sledging and snowball fights.Now alll i give a fuck about is not getting my feet wet,wrescking my hair or falling on my arse infront of a bus stop full of people.Snow is not cool folks.Get over it.
I have recently purchased a shit hot drum kit in which i am very proud of – ill be a generic,bloc party esque drummer in not time folks so be on the look out for me in the not so distant future,tearing you all – a brand new arsehole.Problem is ill have to be a naked drummer as i cant move in my room anymore and cant gain acsess to my drawers.Nevermind – as long as i can wake up,play drums and play music – ill be a very happy man.As paul says “i give it a month untill your first complaint from your neighbours”wrong paul – i give it a week.
Well i no longer feel inspired to write anymore as im sitting on the worlds most uncomfiest chair upstairs as my laptop seems to have stopped working – again so ill have to love you and leave you – and remember folks – dont eat yellow snow – unless your a prick than be my guest – ill even provide the urine.



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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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