This Is A Call

I am currently in the process of rebooting my mp3player as i am extremely lazy when its comes to something simple.For example just a couple of clicks and a few spelling corrections and my device would of been a jem to listen to on random whilst playing the computer,getting changed,scratching my arse – whatever.But no – ive gone and downloaded absolute shite such as,snow patrol,keane,u2 etc.Not only that ive got every sound on my computer also on my player irratating the shit out of me on a daily bases.Ever heard the smash hit – “Welcome to AOL?” or “Youve got company”No didnt think so.Not to mention the home and away tune,doug and teenage mutant ninja turtles all driving me scatty.So ive spent the past two days downloading every album i had again,and burning every cd i own again.And yes – this is about as much fun as sharing a needle with Mark Fowler.But some things in life just have to be done!Organising an mp3 player may not seem that important – but my player is the soundtrack to my life..And i really dont want to share another minute of it with 5 of the same song,tracks that skip and the Arctic Monkeys.If i lost it – id honestly cry.Talking of things in life that need to be achieved riding a bike is one of them.Yes – i cant ride a bike.I did try when i was a kid but gave up and forgot about it for many years.Never needeed one you see!When kids were riding bikes i was ermmmm…..eating chips or hurling rocks at something.Plus I couldnt for ages because i had a weird hip condition but i probably could of from about 9 onwards.So friday is the big day for me!And as its in Stewart Park im guaranteed golf balls chipped at me,profanities shouted at me or punches swung at me from passing school kids.Which im sure will be beneficial to the whole push me as hard you can,peddle as fast as i can then fall off as awkward and as hard as possible.Yippee.Dreading it already.Ill let you know how i got on -and since its an Andy thats teaching me and hes broke my wrist before expect bloodshed,tears and temper tantrums – much like any over 14’s gig at Drummonds.
As a parting note if anyone would like to reccomend me an album thats up my street then throw your suggestions this way and im sure ill check them out.Ta Ta.


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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