Sunday Surgery

Lying in bed at four in the afternoon on a sunday seems like a precious waste of time and in many ways it is in that you miss a whole day,become even more tired than you were before you went to bed and start to smell a bit funky.You want to force yourself into the kitchen,shower or where ever you desire but a boring 0 – 0 draw on a ford super sunday is enough to grab your attention for another two hours and secure your place in your bed/sofa on the most bizarre day of the week.
Its the only day that you will eat one soild meal – and your not even hungry for it.You read the papers – and your not really interested in them.You watch a film – and you dont even like it.But you do it week in and week out because it takes little or no energy and this is what sundays have been percieved as.A relaxing day where your hangover stretches all the way to monday morning.
I propose that instead of us all feeling sorry for ourselves knowing weve spent forty quid to much – knowing weve said something stupid to someone we like and knowing that we will do it all again next weekend – that we all do one thing that will make up for it.Go for a jog to burn off the excess bottles – Phone someone to make new ties – or even visit that relative that youve been promising to be doing for months.Bassically anything to make a day worthwhile.
When your still in bed and the dakness outside is creeping in – thats a tell tail sign that your day has gone.
But in argument to that lying about all day like a clinically obese American has its good points.At least your not spending even more hard earned cash.And you never know – you might just get a text from a complete random you met the night before who you cant remember giving your number to.But all in all sundays bare little suprizes.And the fact that you havent moved from the same spot all day makes the chances of one happening very slim.
The inspiration for this blog comes from myself – as its now 5 o clock and i am lying in my bed.And for the record the most uncomfiest bed in the world – i suppose im slightly bitter in that ive realised ive just wasted my whole sunday!I will soon jump in he shower,shove on a pair of jeans and stroll up to the shop to buy something easy to cook,something easy to read,and look out something easy to watch – i just wonder if ill do the same next sunday…..


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