Ive came to the conclusion that you have a better night up town when your pulled well away from pishy exodus or moshulu.Exodus in particular – i have the odd great time when im there but mostly i cant stand the place but yet i seem to always go there.But to be honest i think the majority of my friends think the same but yet we still go.Its not the queing that does my head in as i know that for the most popular clubs – eg liquid,priory,o neils etc youll most likely freeze your balls off for twenty minutes to half an hour before you get to the door.Its the fact that youve wasted a good portion of the night – and the weekend never the less to be told to fuck off by some thick as shit bouncer with nothing better to do but over step his authority.I know not all bouncers are bad,and it takes someone with a good temperment,a sense of humour and a lot of percerverience to stand at a door all night and put up with cocky,poofy little students giving them greif.I do realise that i am a prime example on occasion – but its a damn shame when you see people not getting in on the bases that they dont like the look of them or “theyve had to much to drink”I saw a group of people last saturday not gainging entry on the basis they were causing trouble.Absloute shite – they were standing,in a good manner – following instructions in a blizzard – oh yes – a blizzard only be told to piss off.Its a bit of a farce.
Once your in though your night just gets better and better – wrestle to get to the bar to get a drink.Then turn away with your drink only to get it smashed against your chest and spilled over some girl because some fucking hooligan mink is to pissed to stand – not an apology,or an offer for a new drink.Just a laugh or be ignored.The music in general is a good mixture – and they cater for almost everyone.And youll have the best time on the dancefloor.I think its because its so close knit and theres nowhere to sit that “grinds my gears”
Plus im slightly claustrophobic,so if anyone climbs on my back or starts swaying me about your likely to get a look of utter disgust.
Was at Club Tropicana for the first time – its in no means a place id go regularly but what a good time youll have.A good night up town is determained by the people your with – how pissed you are – and the girls that are there.And of coarse the club you hit!Try coming out of your comfort zone and hitting else where – youd be suprised.
Of coarse this is my own opinion – by all means do what you like – just felt a rant coming on.



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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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