Learn To Fly

This will be my third attempt at writing a blog.I totally have ran out of shit to rambell on about which must mean im incredibly boring or not that exciting,But at least ill fit right at home with all you fuckers!I beg you all please to post a bulletin thats more exciting than “i have 2 odd socks on” or “im going shopping next friday”Go out to play instead.
Everyone have a grand week?If your wondering i had a good week.I woke up on monday morning with the feeling that it was going to be different and since ive been up town practically every day it has indeed!Been to liquid twice – so thats double my intake.Anyone need a singer or a beginner drummer to start a band with?Let me know as im dying to jump back on the saddle and do something.
I hate my dogs.They are Bichon Frise – and if anyone dosent know what they are or what they look like just imagine a snowball with dicks and eyes.No matter if i have a day off or need to get up for work they wake me up every moring with ther shitey little yapping and the puddle of piss convienently parked outside my bedroom door.I came home from town one night,kicked off my shoes,took off my socks and went to turn on the corridor light.I then stood in a puddle of piss with my left foot – slammed into a freshly layed turd with my right and then fell and banged my head off the bathroom sink as i slipped in yet another pile of piss as i rushed to save myself from puking.They are indeed the worst dogs in the world.But of coarse they have small dog syndrome – they bite whoever comes into the house,who ever leaves the house,whoever looks at the house and whoever crosses the road outside my house.It dosent help that my dad lets them drink from his coffee cup,eat from his plate and rule the roost whenever they please.My dogs hate my and i hate them.Of coarse ill cry when they die but fuck – at least ill get a long lie on a sunday.Please – if youve been to my house,feel free to post your own “Crockers dogs”stories.Ill be more happy to pass on a kick for you.
I am currently lying in my brand new bed that i had to get.Had to sell my sofa and my tv to make room for my kit.But at least i can wake up and play drums – oh yes – orgasmic.As the light nights and fine days are coming in if anyone would require a game of football or a piss up give me a shout.Later folks.


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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