Head Wires

So i recently purchased as new television which is high defination ready.After spending a whole afternoon trying to get the best god damn picture possible i find out that HD isnt even out yet!For fucks sake.Would you buy beans on toast without the beans?Would you buy a hooker without a yeast infection?Would you buy a Panic!At the disco cd without having a stupid fucking haircut?No you wouldnt.Itll cost me another 2 to 3 hundred quid for the box once it eventually comes out – but god – itll look damn good on my 20 inch,flatscreen,hd ready phillips tv.What dreams are made of indeed.Problem is it dosent end there does it?You now convince yourself you need dolby surround sound and a bloody comfy chair to watch it in.What about a mini fridge to save you walking to the kitchen?The amount of money ive spent recently has left me feeling sick – but i suppose spend it whilst youve still got it.My funds will run out soon – oh yes indeed as its time to start saving for travelling again.
Why are all you girls mental?Really – what have i ever done to deserve absolute mince thrown at me?Answers on a post card please.
So me and a couple of others have managed to hunt down festival tickets this year – and i know alot of you are having or had trouble – if you dont get please dont worry to much folks as every cloud has a silver lining – and this one happens to be – black!Ha Ha Ha – later losers,im off to have the time of my life for the fourth year running at sunny leeds.Of coarse depending if the tickets come through – fingers crossed.I shouldnt count my chickens before they hatch though as i got ripped 100 quid for two foo fighters tickets that never came.What kind of absolute pricks do this to people?Surely things such as ticket sales,tele sales,and any other sales should be treated with the up most respect to the person on the recieving end.But unfortunatley thats not the kind of world we live in!Aw well nevermind – ive been told i could be a car salesman with my patter,and as ive done tele sales and could probably sell a stayover cd to my 70 year old grandmother im sure i wouldnt have a problem.Im off to ponder going out again and as its wednesday the chances of that are quite high.Later folks and in the words of Jerry Springer – “Take care of yourselves – and Eachother”


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Thirty one year old Support Worker from Aberdeen, Scotland now residing in Edinburgh. View all posts by Darren Crocker

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